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10 Best Things About Studying in New Zealand

10 Best Things About Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand has made big footsteps in the area of international education in the past few years. New Zealand certainly has some strong perks due to which it has developed as an ideal study destination. Apart from the unique culture, top university ranking, and amazing global experience, here are the 10 best things about studying in New Zealand for an international student.

1. Friendly Locals

New Zealand gives you the opportunity to mix with some of the friendliest locals. It is fact that how the residents treat foreigners plays an important role in the studying abroad experience. The local people in New Zealand have been extremely warm and welcoming. The country has significantly fewer criminal records. It is an English- speaking country with smiling, friendly faces. Overall, being an international student you will enjoy a home away from home feel.

2. Better Research Facility at the Universities in New Zealand

Do you wish to Study research-centric subjects in New Zealand? Then you are likely to get enough support from the universities, both in terms of resources and infrastructure. You will enjoy sufficient resources with various equipment, sophisticated technologies, and infrastructures favourable for in-depth research.

3. The Cost Of Living is low

In New Zealand, the cost of living is relatively lower than other overseas study destinations. Studying in New Zealand comes at a pocket-friendly price. The cost of living there is also quite affordable. The living expenses range somewhere around 90 NZ$ in some of the small cities and 150 NZ$ in some of the metros, per week. A Post Graduate Course in any university in New Zealand costs about 10000 NZ$ to 30000 NZ$ per annum which is affordable considering some other study abroad destinations.

4. Top Ranked Universities in New Zealand

Several New Zealand universities are ranked within the prestigious QS World Rankings, most notably the University of Auckland. Other universities like the University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Canterbury, etc. The system of Education in New Zealand is quite vast and varied, primarily from the public administered schools. In addition to that, there are more than 20 universities of technology and polytechnic Courses in New Zealand which attract students from all over

5. A world-class education in New Zealand

The New Zealand educational system is based on the same format as the British system of research. The qualifications achieved from the universities in New Zealand are recognized and admired by employers all around the world. New Zealand has invested heavily in its educational system lately and maintains a strict policy of quality control regarding every single course and qualification.

6. New Zealand Study Abroad Scholarships are in plenty

Scholarships can significantly lessen the financial burden of studying abroad. So, you shouldn’t miss out on these scholarships opportunity that supports excellent students studying in New Zealand. Some of the top scholarships in New Zealand for international students are the A-C Rayner Memorial Scholarship, New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships, the Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship, etc. While applying for these scholarships, students need to check the application deadline and the application procedure properly, as apart from having their distinct application procedures, deadlines may vary considerably.

7. Endless Outdoor Activities in New Zealand

Besides studying in New Zealand, if you love adventures, then New Zealand is a place for you. You will fall in love with the country if you enjoy rock climbing, hiking, diving, snowboarding, and similar outdoor activities. So apart from studying in New Zealand, you can also enjoy an abundance of recreational activities. Traditional sports are played such as cricket, football, and rugby. These competitions are available to watch and participate in across the country. There is ample opportunity to pursue extra-curricular activities.

8. Work while studying in New Zealand

International students in New Zealand can work up to 20 hours per week during their studies. They can even work full-time during academic breaks. If you are pursuing a Ph.D. or any research in a master’s degree, you will be allowed to take jobs full-time. Working in New Zealand during studies not only helps you cover living expenses to some extent, but is also a great way to expand your network. You will get to know more about different cultures and ideas as you broaden your horizons.

9. Lucrative Career Opportunities

With rapid development, New Zealand is slowly, yet steadily strengthening in terms of economic and financial power. It is true that New Zealand now needs better-skilled people than ever. Hence, those who study in New Zealand now can see guaranteed job opportunities in various sectors.

10. Fantastic post-graduate opportunities in New Zealand

International students can also remain in New Zealand for up to a year after graduation. The stay-back period depends on the duration of the course you choose. If the job is relevant to the course qualification they can then stay for two further years, and subsequently, even apply to stay in the country permanently.

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