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3 cushion tips for meditation

3 cushion tips for meditation

Want to learn how to meditate? Get your zen on with these three cushion tips!

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind, improve your sleep, and relieve stress. But it can be tough for beginners! We’re going to show you three quick tips that will help you start meditating correctly from the get-go. Trust us — it’ll make a world of difference.

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  • Pick the right place

It’s worth noting that there are endless ways in which one can meditate — from sitting cross-legged on the floor to propping yourself up against a wall with your feet up high, back flat against a chair. The point is, find a way that’s comfortable for you, but that still allows you to pay attention to your breath. So if you’re using a cushion, it’s important to make sure it’s firm enough that it doesn’t move as you sit on it.

  • Get comfy

While you can use almost any cushion as a meditation tool, most people tend to find around one most effective. The reason is simple: sitting on something perfectly flat feels more like sitting on nothing at all! More so than any other type of seat, the round cushion provides an infinite amount of ways to sit in one position — which makes finding the perfect position very easy.

  • Breathe . . . slowly

When it comes to meditating, what sets you apart from everyone else is your ability to pay attention to your breath. The point of this exercise is to focus on the breath, not to control it — so there’s no need to try and control it!

  • Enjoy the silence

Meditation isn’t a race so take your time and enjoy the silence. Notice each breath with every inhale, and relax everything you can with each exhale. Savor your surroundings and let go of any negative thoughts that might pop into your head.

  • Practice makes perfect!

Don’t expect yourself to meditate perfectly every time it’s a skill that takes time and practice.