4 Best Mattresses For Back Pain In India

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In these rapidly advancing years, sedentary lifestyle activities, stress & inappropriate sleep due to uncomfortable mattresses are leading to issues like chronic & lower back pain. Adjusting your sleep schedule and upgrading your mattress is one of the best solutions to manage this back pain issue. There is a correlation between your spinal alignment, posture while sleeping, and the type of mattress you use, which eventually determines the roots of your back problems. As per several studies, hard or semi-firm mattresses can lead to muscle pull or strains, adding to your back pain. It would be best to replace such a mattress and tackle your back pain forever. Here we have four best quality mattresses in India that can help solve your back pain problems. 

Custom orthopedic mattress 

The purpose of the mattress has been redefined over the years, and Orthopedic mattresses are the best solution for people suffering from physical strains. A customizable Orthopedic mattress relieves the back as well as joint pain & adapts the body weight to provide comfortable sleep. Some of the best orthopedic mattresses in India that can be customized as per your desires include the Cocoon mattress by Sleepwell. Along with smooth texture, premium knitted fabric & ortho top layers, it is also anti-cripple, providing zero partner disturbance. 

Classic Luxury ortho mattress 

Designed with the latest technology, a luxury ortho comfort mattress is a prominent option for chronic back pain problems. These mattresses are sustainable and include plush foam & premium extra ortho layer. Spinetech Air luxury by Sleepwell is undoubtedly the best orthopedic mattress in India, known for features like an extra layer of comfort and anti-microbial technology. Even the other two versions of Spinetech Air mattress by Sleepwell are highly reliable & efficient for lower back problems as they have unique fabrics that offer the ultimate comfort.

Ortho Gel mattress 

Back problems due to inactivity or uncomfortable hard mattress can be resolved by replacing it with a soft & firm gel mattress designed for spinal support. The gel produced using nontoxic liquids provides a magnificent column for supporting the spine & relieves pressure points. The hardness of the mattress can create detrimental effects on lower back issues, and so an ortho gel mattress can be perfectly utilized to eliminate soreness of muscles while enjoying the perks of comfortable sleep. 

Ortho foam memory mattress 

The ortho foam mattress focuses on joint pains & deals explicitly with them through multiple layers for ortho comfort. These mattresses are manufactured & textured using an advanced foam fabrication & texturization process. Ortho memory foam mattress is one of the most high-tech mattresses as it’s not sensitive to temperature, eliminates body heat & keeps you cool. All these multiple benefits from spine alignment, adaptation to back & joint postures & premium fabrication makes an ortho foam memory mattress a perfect choice!

The mattress’s fabrics and materials, and designs determine the comfort rate. One should consider the back comfort issues, body weight & their specific requirements to pick or customize the ideal mattress for their long-term comfort and positive impact on chronic back pain struggle.