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5 Hidden Injuries to Watch Out for After an Auto Accident

5 Hidden Injuries to Watch Out for After an Auto Accident

If you’ve been affected by a car accident, you’re likely dealing with all kinds of things. On the basis of the harshness of the accident, there might be a need to arrange alternate modes of transport. In addition to this, your plans that were made prior to the accident also need to be arranged again. Moreover, you need to file an insurance claim. Also, this needs to be done on the lid of the psychological pain that can be caused even by a minor accident.

When a car accident takes place, your body moves into “fight or flight” mode. That indicates that adrenaline production is augmented and adrenaline can hide the pain. In addition to this, some injuries are not directly evident if you have a pain killer streaming through your body.

If you’ve held an auto accident claim, be acquainted with the subsequent damages that are usually suppressed at first. 


The strain on the neck or Whiplash is one of the most ordinary damages that occur during car accidents. It is because such kinds of damages are upheld when your head is moved backward, then forward, very fast – as it happens when your car crashes with something and ceases unexpectedly. You can deem the consequences of such kinds of damages for months, weeks, or even years if you do not get appropriate treatment. The physicians work with patients suffering from such injuries to manage their pain, rejuvenate their degree of movement, and discourage future intricacies. 


This is another dangerous and most common injury nurtured in a car accident. The symptoms of such injury might not be experienced straight away. However, delay in treatment can give rise to recovery in a long time. 

A concussion is traumatic brain damage, that is generally driven by a smash to the head. You can have this injury even without losing consciousness. 

You may not realize the symptoms of such kind of injury straight away because such symptoms can be postponed. Some signs include: 

  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Incapability to recall the traumatic event
  • Tingling in your ears
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue  
  • Dizziness

Spine or back injuries

Harms to your spine, actually very severe damages, are not constantly evident directly. If you met with a severe accident, or even if the happening was negligible despite having considerable trauma to your head or your neck, it is adequate to consider you have an injury in your spinal cord.

Bleeding and swelling in or near your spinal cord can provoke paralysis or numbness that can influence you slowly. It’s essential to get medicine instantly after a car accident if there are any prospects that you might have an injury in your spinal cord. 

Less severe, but yet of concern, is a back injury that develops gradually. The muscles of your neck get weakened after the influence of a car accident just like the muscles of your back. You may not recognize that you have infuriated muscles or discomfort till one or two days later. 

Sprains, strains, or other soft tissue injuries

You might not believe that it’s probably your ankles, feet, or knees that would get damaged in a car accident, though it’s fairly typical. And, simply like the tissues in your back and neck, the tissues in different aspects of your body may not get damaged directly. Elbow, wrist, and shoulder damages are also ordinary.

In case, you experience any kind of pain after a car accident, you need to immediately look for suitable treatment. Your discomfort may reasonably be associated with injuries upheld during your impact.

Internal injuries

Just like the severe damages to your spinal cord can appear gradually, so can additional internal wounds. Internal bleeding might not be apparent directly, though could be life-threatening. So, it is important to pursue treatment in the aftermath of a car accident, particularly if it is better than a fender bender with slow speed.

Even if you do not believe that you are injured in a car accident, it is important for you to make an appointment with your physician. You can employ effortless online booking mechanisms, call or visit clinics for medical help.