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There is no deficiency of frills for CrossFit competitors today. Wrist wraps, lashes, belts, knee sleeves, and lifting shoes are the absolute most normal bits of stuff you’ll find on any functional wellness competitor. As I would see it, the wrist wrap is one of the most abused (and abused) bits of help gear.

A wrist wrap offers help to the wrist joint during heavy or max exertion lifts in squeezing developments and upward lifts. During these developments, the wrist can be maneuvered into unreasonable expansion under the burden and result in compromised mechanics, potential injury, and bombed lifts. Wrist wraps are positively worth having for a competitor. However, I notice many don’t utilize them accurately. The following are a couple of tips to assist you with capitalizing on your preparation.


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1. Warm-Up Without Your Wrist Wraps

You don’t have to wrap your wrists to move 60% of your 1-RM press. I typically encourage my competitors to wear wrist wraps on preparing days where we are working at or close to max loads. Becoming reliant upon wrist wraps constantly will, in general, restrict strength advancement in your wrist flexors and extensors. Investigate, and you’ll see that our rec center’s absolute most grounded competitors seldom wear wrist wraps.

2. Try not to Tie Your Wrist Wraps Too Low

Recall that the reason for a wrist wrap is to help your wrist joint. Assuming the wrap sits beneath your wrist joint, you have transformed your wrist wrap into a lower armband that offers no help. Ensure you tie your wrap, so it covers the wrist sufficiently joint to make support and forestall exorbitant wrist expansion.

3. Utilize The Right Kind of Wrap

There are two fundamental sorts of wraps available: cotton wraps that are more slender and adaptable (ex: Strength Wraps) and the thicker, Velcro-bound powerlifting-style wraps that give more wrist support. Assuming you are going for a maximum in your quick lift or grab, the more slender wraps may be a definitive decision as they will provide you with somewhat more scope of movement at the wrist. If you are attempting to maximize development, for example, a seat press or shoulder press, I would prompt utilizing the thicker wraps. You’ll have the option to stretch out your wrist to get a perfect, and who will slightly reach out the wrist in the completion position of both the grab and jerk.

4. Most gymnastics movements don’t require you to wear wraps.

Except if you anticipate putting on a leotard and contending in actual aerobatic occasions like the vault or knob horse, you presumably don’t have to wear wrist wraps for bodyweight practices like ring plunges, handstand push-ups, and pull-ups. A particular case may be preparing or rivaling a wrist injury. Likewise, a few competitors might need something on their wrists to safeguard their skin while performing high-rep muscle-ups with a bogus grasp. The point here is that you shouldn’t require wrist support for most of the acrobatic developments we act in CrossFit.

5. Try not to Use Wrist Wraps To Hide Mobility And Flexibility Issues

A typical reason for wearing wrist wraps is agony or uneasiness when the wrist is in augmentation, for example, the getting position of a clean or while performing front squats. A competitor who has inconvenience in their wrist while cleaning or front hunching down most likely has an unfortunate rack position because of unfortunate versatility in their chest area. Poor thoracic expansion, an absence of shoulder flexion and outer revolution, and wrist adaptability can all be part of a regrettable rack position. Wrist wraps don’t make you more adaptable. Peruse my “How To Get A Better Rack” post and Nichole’s “Tips For Improved Wrist Mobility” for specific plans to move along.


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