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5 Ways to Style Flight Jackets

5 Ways to Style Flight Jackets

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Flight jackets have been a style statement for quite a long time now but unfortunately, many people don’t know how to style them right. Each person has a different style statement and that is how you get to know their taste in clothing. But some attires should be styled in certain ways and a flight jacket is one of them. 

What’s the history behind it?

Initially introduced as a military flight jacket and worn by military personnel only, this piece of clothing came a long way. If there was any scale of measuring the class of clothing then a flight jacket would be on top because of its structure and design. A great fact about this jacket is that it’s been with us since WWI and there is whole a lot of history behind it. Usually, you introduce something in the market and it gets famous in no time but this is not the deal with bomber jackets. From battlefields to fashion shows and magazines, no one knew this casual piece of outerwear would become a style statement for men’s clothing. 

There are lots of movies in which you see characters wearing flights jackets till the end so it is pretty evident how you can create an effortless and serene look with them. You don’t need a makeover or anything like that for a personality change. Just put your jacket on and you are all set to turn heads. We think the initial credit goes to Tom Cruise for making it look so good on screen. People made these jackets on order after watching Top Gun. Aside from the fact that naval flight jackets are worn by many well-known actors, there is another reason for them being highly sought-after outerwear. And that reason is the US Military, people love the military, don’t they?  

How to recognize a classic flight jacket?

You might be thinking how can you recognize a classic flight jacket, right? Well, it is no different than other jackets but if you want to differentiate between both then always go for the one that has a zipper closure with rib-knitted cuffs and a tight waistline with a trademark zipper on the left sleeve, upper arm. That’s the simplest way to recognize a bomber jacket. But remember, we have many varieties today. 

Traditionally a flight jacket is made using genuine leather but ever since we stepped into the new era, things started to change. We have so many options to choose from because a bomber jacket is no longer reserved for Army personnel and a civilian is allowed to wear it too. Before we lost track, we should move on to the actual thing we were about to discuss and that is ‘different ways to wear a flight jacket. 

How to style it depending on colors?

We know that you are grown enough to set your style statement but you should find no harm in checking out suggestions. And there is always room for improvement. Below down, we are going to mention five different ways you can use to style your leather jackets or specifically a bomber jacket. 

Create a serene look with blues

We know guys always prefer to keep it simple and that is why you never see them wearing something extra unless it’s their best buddy’s wedding or their own for the matter of fact. Therefore, the first way to style your favorite blue jacket is to keep it serene. You can wear it over a floral shirt and a pair of chinos. It might sound strange but once you try it you’ll know. And if you want to make it a little more stylish, you can add a cap. Just like a cherry on top. 

Up for a ride with a classic brown jacket?

No, we aren’t asking you to wear it on your next bike trip but you can try that too. Anyways, if you are planning a long drive with your friends then this is the style you should wear because why not? Take out your brown leather jacket, plain grey tee, pair of faded blue denim, and bam! You are ready to take control. How about a beanie on your head? It will make you look like the guy next door. Just another way to create two in one look. 

Keep it formal with all-black

Your office is organizing a formal event but you don’t know how to dress accordingly? Usually, corporate sectors like to maintain decorum, hence they issue a proper dress code but if that’s not the deal with you then you can try on this look. You don’t have to do anything extra, just wear all-black. From head to toe. The classic man in black. And don’t forget to accessorize yourself with that fancy watch and sunglasses. Well, you can exclude the glasses if its a night event. But don’t make any other changes.

Rock the party with an olive-green flight jacket 

Bring out your olive flight jacket because there wouldn’t be a perfect time to wear that elegant jacket. You must keep the spring aura alive with an olive jacket. Since this color has been widely present in the Military too, hence, it creates another level of vibe. The good thing about these jackets is that you can wear them regardless of what season of whether it is because of the breathable fabric. To enhance the color of the jacket, it’s better to pair it with colors like white and grey. However, you can still go for black, it’s all up to you. 

The ultimate elegance with burgundy

Have you packed all of your travel essentials? Tell us that you did not forget your jackets! Because what are you going to do without them? You should always have esthetic outerwear that reminds you of your journeys and motivates you to travel often. Don’t be panicked if you didn’t think about it, we have your bag as well as your back. We have picked this modish burgundy flight jacket for your travel aesthetics. This elegant jacket is all you need while exploring dreamy destinations. The great thing about this color is that you can pair it with any primary or secondary color, printed or plain, tees or formals, and this would still give you the ultimate style sensation. 

Wrap up!

We suppose that’s a wrap for this article and if you know other styles that should be used too then feel free to pour in your suggestions. These are currently the top five styles that can easily make you the next style icon. Just avoid keeping it for a certain occasion or mainstream the style.