You are currently viewing 6 Emerging Hotel Design Trends You Need To Watch Out For As Per Hospitality Architects
6 Emerging Hotel Design Trends You Need To Watch Out For As Per Hospitality Architects

6 Emerging Hotel Design Trends You Need To Watch Out For As Per Hospitality Architects

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Whether it’s about the ambiance of the hotels you put up in or the staff’s behavior, the hotels can make or break your mood. Knowing you want to feel at home outside your homes, the hospitality architects are revamping hospitality with exciting hotel design trends.

You want to take a break from your routine work-from-home space, and you make the best hotel in town your work chamber. It’s not just you. The mundanity of the routine is catching up to the people, and hotels are the quickest escape from it.

You want to feel comfortable in your home-away-from-home. The hotel design trends are the adaptations for your convenience!

Why the Sudden Shift in Hotel Designs?

The chaos and doubt left behind by 2020 have created a significant opportunity for the hotels to change themselves. The guests are now more concerned about their wellness and safety. These design trends are just the evolution to fulfill the demands of the visitors.

Travelers are now more inclined towards maximizing the experience while minimizing the risks. Why shouldn’t they? You know well how the pandemic has instilled mindfulness about security while evoking the value of the present.

The trends are the acts of evolution while keeping the resilience and comfort of everyone in mind.

What are the Hotel Design Trends That You Can Witness?

With the change in the travelers’ behavior after the pandemic, it’s exciting to see what hospitality has in charts for the future of the hotels. Here’s what you can witness as the reimagined vision for hotel design trends!

  • Versatile Space: The current focus of the hotel design trends as per hospitality architects is on the flexibility of the space. The construction of hotel spaces is intended to be used as ’emergency spaces’ such as isolation centers and other such facilities.
  • Smart Materials: The simplicity of the materials defines the aesthetics of the hotel design now. Minimalism in the design and boundary in the textures can help with keeping the germs away with the most effortless maintenance.
  • Wellness Centered Design: If you had to choose between in-house workout and outdoor, you’d pick the former in the middle of the pandemic. The hotel design trends are now customizing the room packages as per the activity preference of the visitors.
  • Breakout Area: Since the emphasis is on no contact, social distancing is at the core of the hotel designs. Minimizing guest interactions in traditional setup and breakout spaces are in vogue with the hotel spaces.
  • Circulation: The airflow is the most crucial aspect in a public place now. The hotels are designing their insides with proper circulation.
  • In-House Technology: Digitization and touchless communication has helped people live away from the fear of infection. The hotels with the latest technology for the least human interaction will pave the way for the best designs.


Respect for the people is at the core of the hospitality sector. The care for the guests brings the best design trends in the hospitality industry.

The hotel design trends create a common space for reverence for people’s choices to live safely outside their houses and comfort.

You know now what your guests want for the best experience and give you a star rating for your services!