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6 Most Interesting Tips To Boost Your Creative Thinking

Modern lifestyle calls for a thoughtful approach to tackle the busy schedule and stay healthy. A well-planned routine enables you to incorporate self-care while working on crucial tasks. Further, it enhances your creative abilities and contributes to a broader range of imagination. When it comes to improving your creativity, there are many feasible ways. You can try different interesting tips, from increasing your physical activity to playing games that boost your brain activity. Here are the top captivating methods to improve your creative abilities.  

1. Go Herbal 

The kind of food you consume has an impact on your health, both mental as well as physical. One such aspect, i.e., creativity, depends upon your nutritional levels and kind of lifestyle. You can try out different herbal supplements to amp up creativity and innovation. For this purpose, herbs like lavender, rosemary, or sage can improve your mood and creative abilities. Also, cannabidiol supplements may stimulate your brain to enhance ingenious functions and creativity. You can try THC pills effects to curb inflammation, prevent mood disorders, and promote creativity.  

Herbs like bacopa, ginseng, and guarana can improve your energy and creative processes. Further, it contributes to better productivity and can help you innovate. All you need to do is find the right ways to incorporate herbs into your daily routine. It could be anyway, be it refreshing herbal teas or supplements. Herbs can interfere with your medications. Ensure to always get an expert recommendation before starting any herbal supplementations.  

2. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone  

One of the best ways to improve creativity is by stepping out of your comfort zone. Instead of reading the same genre, you may try different categories and learn about other domains. If your goal is to learn and achieve a better perspective, you might want to read about various topics. Also, try to communicate with strangers on your trip to learn about their culture and traditions. Such random acts out of your comfort arena might help shape your personality. It enables you to amp up your knowledge reservoir and be a better version of yourself. 

You could take a new route to work or use your non-dominant hand to perform some feasible tasks. With self-driven initiatives to step out of your comfort, you make way for some beneficial transformations on a mental level. Studies reveal that an unplanned trip or related circumstances can improve your creative nerves.  

3. Get More Active 

Almost everybody realizes the need to work out to shape their body and get healthier. But did you know that an active lifestyle can boost creativity and imagination? Regular exercises may increase your cognitive abilities and expand your creative approach. This is because exercises improve certain hormonal functions and amp up the release of endorphins. Further, these hormones evoke a sense of well-being and can enhance creative abilities. Research suggests that physical exercises transform your long-term mood and improve your innovative perspective. 

All you need to do is incorporate regular physical activity into your daily routine. You may opt for any form of exercise, whether aerobic activities or anaerobic weight-lifting. Make sure to achieve at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout for top-notch innovation.  

4. Try Exploring More  

Did you know that a mundane routine can take a toll on your creativity and degrade your mood in the long run? When you follow the same routine daily, it can increase stress levels and affect your mood. Further, a stressful lifestyle can reduce innovative thinking and lower creativity levels. If you want creative solutions, you can try exploring new places often. Ditch your mundane routine to head out for a road trip or explore a new spot in your neighborhood. Traveling forces, you to stimulate your brain and find unique solutions to your problems. On top of this, a traveler experiences different cultures and learns about versatile places on the voyage.  

5. Try Some Creative Activities 

Do you spend some time in leisure activities that help you unwind and relax? Apart from regular work, you might want to reserve some time for creative activities and recreation. Try innovative activities like dancing, painting, or even brain-stimulating games during this time. You could learn a new dance form or use your imagination to paint an abstract. Such activities help challenge your mind and increase creative pathways for your brain. Try to include at least one such activity in your routine to de-stress and recharge for the next day.  

6. Try Journalling  

Doubtless, penning down your thoughts can curb stress and improve your mental health. But, are you aware of the creative effects of journaling on your body and mind? Keeping a journal can allow you to pen down random creative ideas. Also, it stimulates your brain and allows random innovative ideas to creep up. You can devote at least a few minutes to your journaling practice daily. That way, it nurtures your brain, increases ingenious abilities, and boosts the creative centers of the mind. 

Experts reveal that writing down your thoughts can be a considerable escape and make more room for new ideas. Also, it can lower the incidence of mental disorders like depression, stress, and anxiety. As your mental health improves, you are more likely to get creative daily. 

Bottom Line  

Creativity is all about using your mind to find different ways of performing tasks. If you’re willing to improve your creativity levels, you can do so through mindful changes in your daily routine. It could involve versatile ways like reading books of different genres or exercising daily. Also, you can practice some creative activities like painting or dancing to contribute to a better mindset. Travel often to stimulate your brain and come up with different solutions to your daily life problems. You could try meditating or journaling to keep your brain active and alert all the time. Make sure to do your bit to ramp up your creativity levels and widen your horizon.