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6 Reasons Why Kids Love a Cruise Holiday

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There was once a time when a cruise holiday catered for those of a slightly older disposition and the prospect of taking your family on a more traditional vessel for your annual trip would have filled both you and the kids with dread. Nowadays, not only are there a purpose built family ships, but also a range of options if you wish to take a luxury cruise trip. All these are not only great fun for the kids, but also enable you to have a wonderful holiday experience. Here are six core reasons as to why your kids will love a cruise holiday…and if the kids are happy, you are happy:

1. With climbing walls, ice skating rinks, swimming pools and water shoots, basketball and tennis courts, there will never be a dull moment if you are on the right ship.

2. The larger children friendly ships have a range of crèches and kids clubs for a wide range of ages ensuring there are age appropriate activities for toddlers and teenagers. With the kids hanging out with children of their own age in a very safe environment it means you won’t have the constant worry of wondering where they are, which gives both them and you a sense of independence and autonomy on your cruise holiday.

3. The kids like you, will love being somewhere different each day. The words “I’m bored” will be a thing of the past as there is a new destination to explore on a daily basis. And if you don’t fancy getting off the ship, you don’t have to!

4. A cruise holiday is not only great for kids, but also good for parents and the grandparents. What other type of holiday can three or even four generations travel together with facilities and amenities to suit everybody? So many people opt for an intergenerational cruise with the whole family can have breakfast together, dispersing around the ship to do what they wish during the day, only to join up in the evening for a sumptuous dinner.

5. Kids like being fussed over as much as adults, and there are a range of luxury cruise trips available. Although there won’t be the vast array of facilities enjoyed on the larger resort style ships, they do offer crèches and kids clubs during the summer holidays. It means that those used to the more boutique travelling experience can enjoy a family holiday with all of the benefits of a cruise holiday.

6. Seeing the incredible sites, landscapes and wildlife that children get to see on a cruise is very special for them. Experiencing stunning scenery and getting up close and personal with wild animals is breathtaking at any age, but it is especially magical for young children to have such experiences at such a young age.

Family cruises are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry. Family cruise ships generally provide a secure and hassle-free environment, and you can rest assured that your kids a being cared for by professionals whilst you go off to enjoy some relaxation time on your own.

If you are willing to be completely flexible there are always late cruise deals to be had…however during the school holidays the better itineraries at the more desirable times will be unlikely to offer significant savings for booking last minute in 2013. However, there are cruise deals to be had for booking in advance for 2014 such as early booking savings, free child places and onboard spending money.