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6 things to consider before purchasing men’s gym singlets

Gym wears are made keeping various considerations in mind so that your training sessions are comfortable. While some have odour blocking technology, some have sweat-wicking features. You can also get some basic activewear directed towards fashion. Amongst the wide range of fitness attire, men’s gym singlets have gained a lot of popularity due to their versatility. The Y-backed style singlets with the crew or scoop neck can provide proper ventilation and ensure comfort during rigorous training sessions. However, before purchasing one, you must consider the following factors.

Product quality

The quality of singlets is the most important concern as you need to wear one that makes you feel good and comfortable. Make sure that the stitching is neat with tighter seams. If you are looking for men’s gym singlets online, thoroughly check the features and pictures of the product. Also, don’t forget to check the quality page of the seller so that you are completely sure about the product. 


When purchasing singlets for your workout, emphasise their functionality. Make sure that the singlet is cut with shapes and designs that flatter your form and aid your movement. Also, choosing a loose or tight fit may restrict your motion and affect your performance. So, while purchasing online, take your measurements correctly and check the size guide on the brand’s website. Remember that size may vary depending on the brand, and you don’t want the hassle of exchanging or returning the product.

When purchasing a singlet, identify the specific exercise needs for which you need it. Whether you are doing side lateral or high angle incline press, your singlet may enable you to move freely and provide you with the stretch you need.


You should opt for brands that use tried and tested technical fabrics to make men’s gym singlets that are sports-specific and enhance performance. Cotton holds moisture and can be extremely uncomfortable as you start sweating. It may also cause chafing and obstruct your training. Technical fabrics effectively prevent snags, wicking sweat and allowing the skin to breathe. You can also avail of new ranges made from recycled materials and have moisture-wicking features and odour blocking technology. 


Everyone has a distinctive style when it comes to gym wear. The choice of colour reflects one’s style. The most common colours that you pick are blues, greys, charcoals and blacks, as they are the safest options. But it is also okay to experiment with some neons and bright hues you came across while browsing.

Online presence

Before purchasing your singlet, it is best to check the brand’s online presence and popularity. You can develop a perception of the brand through social media pages. You could also browse the brand’s respective websites to understand the user experience. If you see that the brand has positive reviews, you can proceed with your purchase.

Care instructions

You should strictly follow the care instructions to ensure that your singlets last longer. Based on your hours of training and correct treatment to the activewear, it can last between six months to two years.

It is best to prevent the application of boiling water or harsh chemicals on your singlets as it may diminish the wicking abilities and breathability. So, it is advised to wash separately and extend its lifespan. Also, try not to wring or stretch the singlet as it may affect the natural design and grain.

Consider the above factors and make sure you invest in good products that provide you comfort and last a long time.