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7 Reasons People Laugh About Your Digital Marketing Firm

Finding a professional and reputable agency to take care of your digital marketing for your small business can be a daunting task.

You have to spend a lot of time online researching companies until you think you finally come across one that you believe will make your business to new the next level.

Your journey with a firm will begin with promises. They will say everything that you want to hear, guaranteeing you more leads and sales customers, the revenue you’ve never imagined before, and a top spot in the search engines in a short span of time.


As the time will pass, you may start realizing that your digital partner is doing absolutely nothing to build your presence and is instead eating your money.

This is a common story of most businesses. However, with a little basic knowledge, you can learn how to identify warning signs that a marketing agency won’t do anything to build a sustainable digital presence for your business.

Before you hand over your digital affairs to a marketing agency, make sure that do the following things;

1.      They Throw Distracting Glitter of High Promises in Your Eyes

While splashing the cash on a digital marketing endeavor, it is understandable to have high expectations from your marketing firm and their promises will take you over the moon. However, it is important to draw the line between fantasy and reality before you make the decision to go with a company.

If an agency guarantees something that is too difficult to achieve in a small time, bid adieu to it right away.

2. They are Not Willing to Provide References or Do Not Have Customer Testimonials

If a company does not have customer reviews on its website, it can be because of two things;

· The service was so unconvincing that their customers didn’t spare a moment to leave a review.
· The agency is a total scam and failed to do anything for their customers.

While looking for testimonials, make sure that they are verifiable. Ask for direct contact with the customers who have left a review and ask them how good their experience was working with the firm.

3. They’ve Too Many Bad Reviews across the Board

If you find many customers making complaints about a digital marketing agency on the internet, don’t think twice about navigating away to a competitor.

4. They Use a Free Email Domain Name

The lack of a custom email domain name reflects an unprofessional and amateurish approach of a digital company. Don’t put trust in a firm that uses a free email address instead of for communications.

5. They Have Too Many Clients to Handle

Many digital marketing companies take on too many clients and fail to provide sufficient attention to any of them. This in turn can impact the quality of their work quality as well as their customer relationships.

If a company takes pride in having a comprehensive portfolio of active clients but has too little resources to take care of their needs, it is advisable to move away and find a company that deals with fewer clients, ideally from your industry. This will give you confidence that your digital marketing agency will give individualized attention to you both as a customer and business.

6. Their Owners Have Little Knowledge of Digital Marketing

The digital endeavors of many businesses end up in shambles just because the top management of the company they work with does not know too much about how digital marketing works.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that not only employees of your potential firm are the masters of their trade but their CEOs also know the ins and outs of the services the company advertises. If this isn’t the case, it is really hard for you will be able to achieve your goals.

7. They Have Little Social Media Presence

Social media is a great indicator of the level of customer engagement of a company. Therefore, it is important that the agency you choose has a solid presence on all major social platforms.

8. Their Prices are Low Compared to Industry Standards

Result-driven seo marketing requires a great deal of analytical thinking, extensive expertise, and unrelenting commitment. Therefore, you will need to invest in line with industry standards to get the results that you have been looking for. If a company has absurdly low prices, odds are high that their claims do not match their credentials.

Choose a company whose prices reflect the value of the services they offer.

As you embark on your journey to digital transformation, it is important to keep these eight warning signs in your mind for long-term success.

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