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8 Best Crystals for Deeper Meditation

8 Best Crystals for Deeper Meditation

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Meditation and crystals go hand in hand. Basically, they are a perfect match. Glowing with healing energy and the ability to balance your inner self, crystals are one way to preach spirituality. These ancient stones, mined from Mother Earth, have high vibrations and help clear the mind and welcome you to a gentle state of meditation.

As it opens up new avenues indoors, you must be curious which crystal is suitable for meditation. Don’t worry, this blog will list some of the best crystals for meditation and how to use them!

Best Meditation Crystals in 2021

1# Citrine

Citrine looks like a citrus fruit and radiates powerful energy because it gives you room to sublimate and brings out the joy of being and playfulness. It is believed to be very positive as it brings good luck and wealth.

When you feel depressed or overwhelmed, it is best to use Citrine in a meditation space as it helps brighten your mood and brings you back to all the bright and joyful moments and memories.

2# Clear Quartz

With a clear and brilliant appearance, similar to a diamond, Clear Quartz is the master healer. It is believed that if you meditate with this crystal, it will amplify your energy and erase your dreams and future goals from your mind. Used in conjunction with a mantra, Clear Quartz can program a blank canvas in the best possible way.

If you feel stuck in a chaotic situation and want to clear your mind, use the rock crystal during meditation to understand your true intentions and eliminate other distractions.

3# Black Tourmaline

Radiating raw volcanic energy through its full black appearance, this crystal is a protective cloak and helps keep negative energy at bay. It is a huge grounding stone that will hold you together even when you are out of the meditative mood.

When you feel negative energy around you and want to keep it at bay, sit back with the black tourmaline and it will vigorously cleanse you from head to toe and infuse positive vibes everywhere.

4# Rose Quartz

In the form of pure love, this pink crystal represents universal love. This is exactly the kind of atmosphere you want to bring to your next meditation session. It is believed to be a heart healing stone that calms your mind and provides self-care while increasing your levels of love and trust.

For those who are going through complications in their relationships or want to practice self-compassion, rose quartz is the best crystal to place in the heart chakra to remove any blocks in the love relationships in your life.

5# Selenite

With peach-white perfection, Selenite is a representation of peace, serenity, and awareness. It helps you calm down and encourages you to embrace the art of self-awareness to clear your mental space. In its raw form, it looks as if white angel wings are etched into it.

You must use selenite if you want to access your inner peace and inner tranquility. To visit the calm state of your mind, this crystal helps you get there right away.

6# Amethyst

Beautiful as a photo, this lilac-lavender crystal gives it a calming presence to the touch. With Amethyst by her side as she meditates, she heals and hums her mind with high vibrations, allowing her to tune into her deepest sense of self, while eliminating any stress and anxiety.

Whenever you feel anxious or restless, use Amethyst to calm your mind just by touching your forehead for a deeper jump during meditation.

7# Moonstone

While shining with a feminine light, Moonstone receives guidance and fills your life with light energy. It is light and serene and encourages you to leave your ego behind and be guided by your intuition.

When you welcome the Moonstone energy during meditation on the full moon day, charge the stone with light and placing it on the heart or solar plexus chakra helps bring emotional balance into your life 999 meaning.

8# Labradorite

With a mix of blue, silver and sparkles, Labradorite is a vision of magic. Like the appearance of it, it brings high vibrations and protects you from any kind of radioactive fallout or negative energy around you. Labradorite resonates with the highest soul star chakra and is perfect for meditation as she recognizes her destiny 1010 meaning.

She acts as a third eye and leads you to dark places during meditation, but she awakens your perception to show you the right path.

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