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8 Essential Tips for Washing Machine Maintenance

8 Essential Tips for Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing garments is a laborious work if it has to be done without a machine. Casual wear to delicate fabric garments all can be cleaned easily within few minutes with the help of a washing machine. It is efficient and effective that in modern-day, almost all household depends on it for a good washing.

This makes it important to maintain the machine in good condition, as if it goes wrong, there can be a huge pile of dirty garments stocked in the corner. Even if you are using the best washing machine in India, it demands care and maintenance. 

Here, I am sharing some of the essential washing maintenance tips:

  • Deep cleaning of the machine now and then – the washing machine after a certain number of runs requires deep cleaning to remove the scaling on the different parts of the machine.
  • The rubber gasket that runs around the edges of the washer saves the clothes from getting worn out. The dirt and spill-over get stuck to this gasket that damages it. So, it is necessary to clean it with a damp cloth. This should be a weekly practice.
  • After a washing run, always clean the machine top, front, and side. At times, there is a spill from the washing run, and dirt gets stuck on the machine surface. Regular cleaning will keep the machine outer finish maintained. This should be the same as the regular practice for your best induction cooker.
  • Cleaning of the washing tub from inside is also necessary. The sticky detergents and garment-softer residues get stuck on the drum. It is important to clean them from time to time with a damp cloth.
  • Once the washing is completed, and you have taken out the garment, leave the gate open for around 15-30 minutes. This will dry up the moisture from the drum, and subsequently, there will be no bacteria build-up in the machine.
  • Keep the detergent dispenser and fabric softer dispenser clean. Any residue left in the dispenser leads to bacterial build-up and damages the element. To avoid this, after the wash, clean the dispensers with a cloth.
  • Cleaning up of the filter time and again. The best washing machine in India has a lint filter inside the tub to collect the lint and other particles from the washing process. If this filter gets full, the lint gets to remain in the water or gets stuck somewhere in the machine. This way, the machine gets damaged. To avoid this, clean the filter timely. 
  • Use the machine gently– Instead of stuffing the machine drum with garments to more than its capacity, read the manual and dump only as much as recommended. Washing too many clothes at a time affects the drum movement and machinery.

Last but not least, the harshness of any kind on your washing machine or the best induction cooker may damage the machinery’s internal elements and process. It is necessary to be mindful of what is being used in/on the machine.

Author bio: Prachi Bartwal considers herself an expert in the home improvement industry. She has a passion for learning all she can about home decor & improvement. She also enjoys providing beauty tips to those looking for ways to improve their looks and feel better about themselves.