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A Beginner’s Guide To Linen Shirts

A Beginner’s Guide To Linen Shirts

Over the years, men’s fashion has opened up to the concept of texture. This development has spelled good news for winter fabrics like corduroy and fleece, but when it comes to breathable summer fabrics, it’s linen that’s back to add some oomph to your wardrobe. Is there a more lazy yet suave look than a man in a pure linen shirt? At least, around the Mediterranean, there isn’t.

Somewhere along the line, linen shirts ended up with an image for being outdated. But lately, the world has finally wised up to realize that the linen shirt is unparalleled when it comes to stylishly breezing through the heat. It can bring a tactile touch to any outfit and will instantly sharpen any outfit.

In this beginner’s guide, we provide you with smart styling tips on how to wear a linen shirt. However, the most important styling rule for linen is…to be natural. This shirt works for any occasion or time of the day and makes you look sophisticated without ever being over or underdressed. Don’t worry about the wrinkled look as pure linen shirts wrinkle nobly and add to the wearer’s character! How to wear a linen shirt you ask? Follow our guide to carrying it off with style and confidence.

Qualities of pure linen shirts

Linen shirts are super lightweight and soft, as well as effective at absorbing perspiration. These qualities make linen shirts ideal for warmer climates and seasons. Despite this softness and lightness, the fiber is actually very strong and durable. While linen can be difficult to keep perfectly wrinkle-free, the shape it forms after some wear lends to the relaxed style.

Why choose pure linen shirts

If you’ve harbored an aversion to linen in the past, now’s the time to put it to bed. This fabric is perfect for remaining cool due to its low thread count, making it much more breathable and far better than traditional poplin or Oxford cloth in terms of summer wear. It’s also perfect for layering if the temperatures drop. Planning a holiday, or a business trip abroad? Stock up on linen shirts to flex a manly yet carefree look wherever in the world you end up. It helps you maintain a stylish look in the face of whatever conditions you face. For maximum breeziness, though, 100% Pure linen shirts offer the best bang for your hard-earned buck.

Customizing linen shirts

Linen shirts demand more customization than any traditional cotton shirt. If you’ve ever bought a linen shirt in a location like Italy, Greece, or South East Asia, you may have been disappointed by its shape after a couple of wears. Lower quality stretches and becomes more transparent with each wear and the shape is often boxy and out of proportion. We also recommend a slimmer fit, with enough looseness so it’s still relaxed. A buttoned collar (to keep the lightweight collar tucked in) or a widespread collar (to keep it away from your neckline) will help serve your needs and personal style.

How to wear pure linen shirts

The limitations of the white pure linen shirt are long gone. Color-wise, the world is your oyster now – traditional shades of ivory is the most common, but bright colors are becoming the norm, and lend vibrancy to your outfits. As linen becomes more popular, so does the variety of colors and textures it is available in, making men’s luxury linen shirts more accessible than ever.

Versatility is one of the major advantages of linen shirts. The complete outfit defines the properties the shirt is supposed to emulate. Practical by their very nature, they can be worn for outdoor activities. Slim fit linen shirts look sharp when paired with straight leg trousers and formal shoes. During holidays, pair with shorts and rolled up sleeves for a more comfortable look.

It should be loose-fitting, but never boxy and baggy. You want linen to hang a bit more than a business shirt lending your look some of that relaxed looseness. The fashion appeal of linen shirts is lost when worn incorrectly, such as an oversized fit that hangs down the thigh. When in doubt, opt for long-sleeved linen shirts, with the sleeves rolled in a casual manner.

It’s common to wear a linen shirt untucked, over shorts, denim, or chinos. Try to make sure it’s cut a little higher than an ordinary business shirt (to ensure it stays tucked into your trousers).

Ways to style pure linen shirts

1. The basic colours

  • The classics include light blue, navy, or white. Pair it with deep blue denim jeans, chinos, or even shorts for a casual look or a light blue shirt with loafers for a casual summer day at the office. The sophisticated pearl buttons with the navy shirt make it a fine choice for a trip to an open-air cinema.
  • The ultimate summer nightlife shirt is a black linen shirt. Pick a pair of tailored trousers and limit the color palette to tans or black. For footwear, a pair of brogues or lace-ups and you’re ready to go for a dinner night, followed by a night out at the clubs.
  • Striped linen shirts make for great casual attire. With a pair of chinos in khaki, cream, or sand- this look is best worn on a cultural day trip to see and learn about historical sites.
  • A navy linen shirt is ideal for a sailing trip while paired with white linen pants and boat shoes. Combine it with darker or beige chinos for a look that works well in the evenings.
  • Explore nature, or blend in with the old town colors, best mixed with the sand-colored linen shirts. Dress down for an evening at the beach with khakis and slip-on.
  • Aquamarine makes for the most festive, cheerful color option for going to that beach party or summer festival and dancing with no sweats.

2. Nail that tailored look

The key to wearing a linen shirt with a suit is mixing your materials to create texture and depth. Wear your shirt with a wool or cotton suit of contrasting color like a navy suit with an off-white shirt, or a beige suit with a light blue shirt. Nailing this balance between light and dark will work alongside the different textures to add subtle complexity to the outfit.

3. Vacation look

Wearing linen in a vacation setting offers the chance to embrace the fabric in all its laid-back glory. A looser cut is preferable when choosing a linen shirt for a holiday as it should be relaxed and comfortable, but still well fitted across the shoulders and through the sleeves. Light colors are better for the simple fact that they will deflect heat. Go untucked and combine with swimming shorts for effortless, beach-ready style.

4. How about weekends?

Oxfords are one of the true cornerstones of weekend dressing. But during the warmer months, it can be a recipe for disaster. The good news is you can swap your oxford for a linen shirt within most outfits and achieve a similar look. A white linen shirt with chinos and chukkas or a light-blue linen shirt with slim-fit shorts and loafers- the sky’s the limit.

5. Weddings – the ultimate occasion

Linen is hands down the best choice of material for a summer destination wedding. The smartest way to wear linen is to confidently embrace the structure of the material, by wearing a linen suit. A beige linen suit paired with the ever-classy white linen shirt and pair of oxford shoes will ensure a refined, yet effortless look. For a summer wedding, this is the ideal look to fully embrace the destination’s qualities.

We hope this comprehensive beginner’s guide to linen shirts has equipped you with all the knowledge you need to sport linen no matter what the occasion or weather. If you still feel like you need to know more, then how about checking out other blogs we have on the subject?