You are currently viewing Are You a Momos Fan? Here Are Some of the Best Places to Explore in Koramangala
Are You a Momos Fan? Here Are Some of the Best Places to Explore in Koramangala

Are You a Momos Fan? Here Are Some of the Best Places to Explore in Koramangala

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Bangalore is a hub for people looking for high-profile jobs. Also, it is considered one of the best places in India to finish degrees. So, people often move here, leaving their homes, states, and taste behind. Are you someone who is living in a PG in Koramangala and craving a plate full of momos but don’t know where to look for them? Don’t worry! This article will help you find some of the best momo stalls in Koramangala, serving a variety of delicious and finger-licking momos. 

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If you have a huge appetite, then go alone. Want to explore different places, then visit these places with your friends. Either way, you will enjoy some of the best momos in Koramangala at these spots:

  • Dawa’s Hot Momos

This place serves as a hub for the students as it is located exactly opposite Jyoti Nivas College lane. They make what is considered by the locals as the best momos in the area. With the wide variety of both steam and fried chicken and vegetable momos, you will be able to fill your stomach and craving for momos. The prominent thing about this place is that they serve 8 pieces of mouth-melting momos with a very tasty spicy sauce at very affordable prices. The spicy sauce is perfect accompaniment to these momos. So you don’t have to worry if you can’t handle the heat. They also provide you with the mayonnaise to ease up with the heat. 

  • Hot Momos

This outlet is placed right outside Terra Bites. They offer the most appetizing and palatable momos in Koramangala, giving Dawa’s a tough competition. Their street cart is often mistaken as a part of Terra Bites. They only serve steamed momos, but you will find this place packed with people looking for delicious steamed chicken momos. They are very affordable in price as their price range starts with Rs 50. If you and your roommates live in a single room PG in Koramangala and want to try out their momos, go after 3 pm. You will be served with a plate full of delicious momo chunks with special momo sauce.

  • Taste of Nepal

This place is famous for serving free veg and chicken soup on alternative days. It is placed right opposite the All Year Koramangala Book Fair store. They don’t only serve vegetables and chicken momos but other varieties as well such as falay, cheese, mushroom, and paneer. Falay momo is something known for being fried without being steamed. They offer 2 kinds of sauces, including super spicy and peanutty spicy.

There are a variety of other options for momos you can find in Koramangala, Bangalore. But if you are specifically looking for gents PG in Koramangala, turn to your-space. They are well-known for their spacious rooms with a wide range of facilities and amenities at affordable prices. And while you are staying comfortably, don’t miss to try out lip-smacking momos from the afore-mentioned places.