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Bags and bag types

Bags and bag types

Perhaps not a single item from a woman’s wardrobe can boast such popularity as a handbag. Since the Renaissance. This accessory has fulfilled not only a practical. But also an aesthetic function. Being a real adornment of a beautiful lady’s outfit. A huge selection of types and styles of modern women’s bags allows you to use them not only as a functional addition to the image. But also as a bright accent detail that reflects the inner world of the hostess. However, in order for an irreplaceable accessory. To become a real harmonious addition to the image. It is important to choose. The right model for its purpose, type, color, shape, and size.

Types of women’s bags

As an essential attribute of any look, a bag should always match the general style and the specific occasion.

By appointment, womens bags are divided into the following categories:

  • The main features of such bags for women are practicality and convenience. They can have either a soft or a rigid frame, discreet colors, almost any shape and an interesting design, which, however, provides the necessary capacity. And they can be worn with any cut of ordinary clothing depending on the design.
  • They are roomy shopping models that are comfortable to carry over the shoulder. They are made in any color and can be complemented with various decor. Combined with almost all casual wear. Most popular household bags are eco bags.
  • They differ in terms of practicality, frame density, and the laconic severity of their shapes and colors.
    As a rule, they are equipping with a sufficient number of pockets and sections to keep documents and office supplies in exemplary order. One of the most popular bags across business bags are leather bags.
  • These are always small, or even miniature handbags designed for special, solemn occasions. Only the most necessary ladies’ things can fit in them: cosmetics, keys and a bank card. Without lavish and beautiful costumes, such models would be impossible to imagine. For a clear fit into the style, it is important to remember that the shade of the bag must repeat in the items of clothing, shoes, accessories or jewelry.
  • This is a group of bags, a distinctive feature of which is their spaciousness, which allows you to simultaneously carry in them a significant amount of things you need on a trip. The existence of robust handles and a comfortable shoulder strap is an unavoidable quality criterion. Any material, frame and color scheme can be used.
  • They have some similarities to road models in terms of space and weight. They are characterized by the presence of several large pockets with fasteners for shoes and accessories, and one spacious section for clothes. Provide for comfortable wearing of all equipment necessary for training. Made from practical synthetic fabric or leather.
  • Special features – brightness, spaciousness, the ability to be worn on the shoulder. Plus strength, lightness and compactness when folded. In their shape, women’s bags can resemble a square, rectangle, trapezoid, triangle, cylinder, circle and semicircle.

In their shape, women’s bags can resemble a square, rectangle, trapezoid, triangle, cylinder, circle and semicircle.

The main models of women’s bags

Today the market offers a huge number of models of women’s bags, each of which has its own name and characteristic features.


Tote (carrying bag) is an everyday model of a rectangular shape with a dense frame, equippe with two small, parallel handles.For convenience, it is often supplie with an additional shoulder strap. As a rule, it is devoid of all kinds of fasteners. However, there are exceptions with a zipper.


The shopper (shopping bag) is a fairly large and very roomy model in the shape of a rectangle, with a pair of long handles. Suitable to be worn on the shoulder, in the hand, or on the elbow. Made from a variety of soft materials. The top can be loose or zipped.


Hobo (wanderer’s bag) is a soft roomy model in the shape of a semicircle. It is characterizing by the presence of one elongated handle, which makes up a single whole with the body. It made from leather, suede, artificial substitutes or textiles. Inside there is one compartment and a small hanging pocket. This model is suitable for everyday use. Depending on the material, a hobo bag can harmoniously complement a feminine romantic, free urban or colorful ethnic look. One of the options is the hippie bag – a bright model made of wool or fragments of leather and textiles, lavishly decorate with tassels, beads and fringe.

Wooden bags.

Wooden bags are one of the most unique bags that can give an exclusive look to your outfit. And wooden bags can be any shape you want like square or round. This is not only an elegant way to wear a bag, but also as we all know wood is an ecologic pure material. Which is an advantage for many.


A clutch is a small women’s bag designed to be carried in the hands and a bit like a wallet. Can be completed with a wrist loop, chain or belt. Available in several versions:

  • The envelope is a small model with a triangular flap cover. When closed, it looks like a sealed envelope. Suitable for both everyday wear and business meetings.
  • Minaudier is a miniature model with a rigid frame, unusual, memorable design and rich decoration. It can imitate a small box, ball, cylinder or have a fancy shape. Fastens at the top. No handles or straps provided.
  • Foldover (transformer clutch) is a soft model designed for use in two versions.
  1. When folded, it resembles a small envelope.
  2. When unfolded, it turns out to be a fairly roomy bag with a zipper. At the fold on the sides, attachments for a shoulder strap or chain are usually provided.


The backpack is a soft model with a small handle and one or two shoulder straps for carrying behind the back. Modern backpacks fall into three groups:

  • Designed for sports and tourism. They are characterized by lightness, strength and spaciousness.
  • They differ in the brightness of colors, characteristic design and a special frame adapted to the needs of schoolchildren.
  • Designed for everyday use in a metropolis. Reminiscent of the traditional tourist model, they are distinguishing by softer lines and a rich choice of colors. Design and size are tailoring to your needs. They are harmoniously combine with clothes in urban, sports and street styles.

How to choose a handbag.

On the modern market, there are many varieties of women’s bags. Both universal and suitable for a particular occasion. Taking into account the peculiarities of each model and observing the rules of combination with clothes and other accessories, it is easy to create a harmonious and effective image for any situation.

Stylists in this regard give the following recommendations:

  • The design of the bag must fully match the style of the garment. For example, a diplomat assumes laconic restraint of lines and uniformity of fabrics; with models for shopping, you can afford some frivolity and oversize, and the minaudière is appropriate only with an evening dress.
  • Expensive branded models of bags cannot be combine with clothes from the mass market. The color of the bag is including in the general palette of the image. So it should not stand out either by shade or texture.