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Be the HIGH-TECH school with: school website design

Be the HIGH-TECH school with: school website design

As soon as a parent gets interested in admitting their child to your school, they surf the internet trying to know as much as possible about your school. For that, it is highly recommended that you have some sort of official data on the internet so that they can see the good in your school.

This is not trying to lure the parents’ technique but a way by which it makes it easier for others to know about your academic, administrative, or extracurricular activities taking place at your school. It also wins a parent’s trust as the website becomes a place they know they can always trust if something goes wrong or if they want extra help.

A school website design is not done casually; it has to be almost near perfect. It’s the first impression of what a parent or a student gets after visiting one. 

Web design is a subject that you always want to stay informed on. With this in mind, if you have any friends that are also into web design then you will want to keep in contact with them. You can exchange any new information you learn so that you’re both on top of your game when it comes to web design.

You should never go live before previewing the site and ensuring images load properly and all links work. The worst experience for a visitor is to have interest in learning more only to click the dreaded dead end link. You can check your links manually, or there are programs that will scan your site for you and report any broken links.

You will start seeing how things fit together when learning about web design. There are many pieces; however, it is easy to design a website with the proper knowledge. Use the knowledge you’ve just been given to start building a wonderful website.

What you need to include in a SCHOOL WEBSITE

  • Keeping the homepage simple will help the audience to easily get through the website. Adding links to topics that need more attention.
  • Most important of all is a good navigation system for the parents and students on your school tour virtually.
  • As the new session begins, various things change and must be put forward to the new interested students. So, updating all the latest information as soon as possible is highly recommended.
  • The amount of content is the basics. You cannot put all of the information on the website because it’s not a brochure. The content should be precise and to the point.
  • There should be a column of academic as well as extracurricular activities that took place and that have to take place within the school.
  • It may not seem important, but reviews that your school receives are highly appreciated by the parents because then they develop a feeling of trust.
  • The results of an exam or new notice for the upcoming assessment are very important topics to be covered on a website. This will help parents to be alert.
  • Also, do not forget to add up a feedback column; this will create more awareness among them.
  • The website should easily transform from a desktop site to a mobile or i-pad version.

How to create a school website?

 Be a client. Use the website builders to build a school website design.  They are highly experienced in their field. They’ll cover up almost every point mentioned above. Trust is their first motive. 


A school website is something every parent and every student looks up to. So it shouldn’t be taken lightly. This will create and open new ways for your school.