You are currently viewing BENCHMADE CLAYMORE. Review of a folding that is automated with a claim to professionalism

BENCHMADE CLAYMORE. Review of a folding that is automated with a claim to professionalism

In 2021, Benchmade established several types of knives, like the Claymore show that is brand new of automatic blades, which we present today.

Its title just isn’t an interest the Scottish sword that is two-handed the analogy is taken much closer. Here is the title of the anti-personnel that is directional used by the US Army.

These knives participate in the so-called “black series”. That is, these were initially conceived as an item of equipment for military workers – military units and navy, also intelligence agents.

Nonetheless, the Claymore series also continued free purchase, because it will not belong to melee weapons when it comes to fundamental parameters.


It is a part ejection folding blade that is automatic. The locking mechanism is Button Lock. Its key is located in the cover that is left-handle your whole design is far created for right-handed individuals.

An attribute for the model could be the existence of the lock switch – it works both in the folded and in the combat position. This fuse supplies a 100% possibility that the blade shall not open arbitrarily. 

It guarantees that the tool can be used in a way that is the same as a typical knife having a fixed blade – the innovative will not click on the fingers holding the handle.

The most blade that is typical may be the Drop Point. It is a solution that is universal enables both cutting and stabbing. Its length is a little – 8.65 cm, the merchandise doesn’t pull on a success blade, but it is quite suitable as being a tactical one. 

The slopes of this blade are right and start almost through the butt. Convergence is about 0.4 mm. This is enough for normal, non-delicate shredding, and it’s also simpler to hone such a side within the industry than concave, razor-sharp slopes, which provide a completely clean cut.

Below, during the heel associated with the blade, there’s a ricasso that is tiny a technological recess for the button regarding the fastener. The edge that is cutting steeply curved towards the purpose, and on the very first 3rd for the handle, it has a serrated sharpening – four semilunar notches and three pairs of little teeth.

The handle is just a framework, the liner is constructed of synthetic material Grivory. This is often a growth of the organization that is german High-Performance Polymer. Its base is polyamides, which are strengthened with cup para-aramid and fiber materials.

The result is just a mass that can be compared in performance to metal. It is indifferent to moisture, temperature changes, it is difficult to grind it well also for a device that is abrasive and this product simply will not notice little passages on rocks, asphalt, or concrete.

The shape for the handle, in our viewpoint, is more desirable for the Steampunk design – a deformed rhombus having a replica regarding the charged power components of a steel frame. Smooth lines are mere as you’re watching blade that is fifth.

The extension that is double-sided is a type of guard, plus the curved front part resembles the form associated with the Claymore mine hull. Moreover, the designers associated with the best blue pocket knife right here additionally produced a footnote for this relationship: along with the advantage, there are several convex dots and sticks (dashes), which form the abbreviation FTE in the Morse rule.

It stands for Face Toward Enemy – “face to the enemy”, the inscription that is the same regarding the working side associated with anti-personnel mine.

The shank of the handle is slightly bent down, so it is more grippy. Also to avoid sliding from the tactile hands, notches are created regarding the top and reduced faces.

A lanyard is had by the handle opening. But it is so slim from the background for the mounting screws that you can’t straight away see it. At the left that is top of the handle may be the trigger button – circular and ribbed, just like a nail head. The notch in which it’s located insures against accidental pressing.

Nearby may be the security box, with a colored (red) dot indicating the open position. A metal springtime clip having a double fold is screwed towards the shank regarding the right. This will make it a far more safe method of keeping a blade on your belt, in your pocket, or on a backpack strap.


The blade is made of powder steel CPM D2, generated by the business that is American Industries. It’s resistant to corrosion due to the existence of 12% chromium in the alloy.

This is metal that is a tool from which cutting tools for different purposes are formulated, including for high-speed steel processing. Its hardness on the HRC scale ranges from 60 to 62 devices. The alloy is tough, resistant to impacts, the leading edge doesn’t crumble, and keeps sharpening well.

The shank of this knife includes a protective finish of Cobalt Black Cerakote for a basis that is polymer-ceramic. It is applied by sintering in autoclaves. As a result of this, a molecular bond between the metal additionally the layer is achieved, which guarantees the high resistance regarding the latter.

As well as corrosion protection, Cobalt Black Cerakote provides chemical opposition. The coating is durable and withstands materials that can be abrasive this blade can be stuck into the ground without much influence on appearance.

Varieties and traits

Up to now, two types of such knives are produced:

  1. 9070SBK-1. Khaki grips, factory designation Ranger Green.
  2. 9070SBK. Ebony handle. Designation – Black.


Claymore knives from Benchmade certainly are an option that is good camping equipment. They have been unpretentious to running conditions, as well as the existence of serrated sharpening for the between the main side that is cutting the functionality for the services and products.

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