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Best-camping sites in Rishikesh

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Overview: As we all know, Rishikesh is a Paradise on the earth. Rishikesh as this enthusiastic city is comprehended for providing tourists specifically what they are striving for. Popular as the ancient city in the nation, this city is honored with Garhwal Himalayas and the holy Ganges. While the supreme of the crew to this yoga estate encompasses spiritual travelers seeking testimonies of the Gods, the rest encompasses adventure, recreation, and world lovers. Clearly one of the calmest towns in the clumsiest nation. Which will give all the shattered pieces a heart with peace and steady the soul. A great weekend goal for family and friends.

Camping in Rishikesh:

Camping in Rishikesh is one of the most comfortable adventure activities to do. While nature and climate bestow a warm, peaceful atmosphere. The fresh and clean air, lush green surrounding, calm and peaceful city. Rishikesh is a unique and perfect place for camping. Although there are many adventurous activities to perform, camping is the most exciting one. One amazing fact of this location is its age group-friendly spot. No matter whether you are exploring with friends or family. It is certainly suitable for both.

Aspen Adventure:

Aspen Adventure is an ideal place to camp in Rishikesh. Here you can explore various activities such as whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, Flying foxes, and Waterfall Rappelling, etc. This is an exact destination for the people who love to perform activities in their exploration. It has a comfy environment encircled with a perfect arrangement of nature and touched by the glory of paradise. It’s situated on Laxmanjhulla.

Wildex Camp:

Wildex Camp is situated on the boundary of Rajaji National Park. The ideal park to visit in Rishikesh. It is located on Neelkanth Temple Road. Many tourists across the nation visit this park and spend their time. This camping site is encompassed by mountain pictures.

The area requests journeys and is toured by extraordinary Himalayan birds too. Bonfire, lit sky, and a free-flowing river Ganga by its wall, this place is too reasonable for camping.

Camp Roller Coaster:

Camp Roller Coaster is a fascinating campsite. An exact destination for nature lovers. They are well maintained and provide toilet facilities. In this camp, you can enjoy river rafting and have a lot of enthusiasm. Choosing this campsite is more appropriate for the folk who are filling forward vacation in the state of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh. This is also prominent for adventurous activities. These also bestow a calm and peaceful environment to skip ordinary life. The major highlight of this camp is the roller coaster ride on the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. The most attention seeker camping site in the state. The camp will be arranged on the base of the Himalayan Mountain so the folk gets an amazing experience and view of the mountain from their camp. And wake up with the sunlight entering your tent. Undoubtedly this is the perfect camping for couples and also friends.

Camp Ganga Riviera:

Camp Ganga Riviera is a Glorious camping site with a mesmerizing perspective. Leaning quietly by the banks of river Ganga, the Camp Ganga Riviera is a camper’s pleasure. Numerous people come here to rent the best view and atmosphere. The major highlights of this place are the green fields and meandering rivers. Camp Ganga Riviera is neatly organized surroundings, dramatic impressions, and unbroken canyons, earning for an excellent place to consume a day or two. The unique fact about this location is there are isolated from ordinary life and gives you a memorable experience.

The Hinwal Tamarind:

The Hinwal Tamarind is an ideal destination which is found in the unscathed and isolated parts of Rishikesh’s cliffs, a flowery lawn with a gravel path oversees you to this camp in Rishikesh. They have well-appointed and nuzzle rooms with special living and seating space. Some compartments also have a dining area. It’s also deemed as the most dramatic camping site because of the view and impression. This campsite lends an amazing climate and atmosphere for the people. This is a great place for the honeymoon couples and also for the ones who will go spend time too precious.

Conclusion :

As we know ms camping is the most exciting and the best activity to perform. Rishikesh which is well known for its yoga and tradition never fails to impress people with its flawessness. These are the few camping sites where you can enjoy your heart out and spend time understanding their nature, culture, and tradition. It’s a great opportunity to learn and get rest for the soul.