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Best Clothes For Summer

Best Clothes For Summer

The good weather is coming and you have decided to sew new clothes, because you have spotted a new sewing pattern or because you want to renew your wardrobe or simply to treat yourself.

Anyway, once the model is in your hands, you will have to move on to the next step… the choice of fabric!

Choosing a fabric requires imagination, it is difficult to project yourself into a model just by looking at a pattern, a texture or a material. This choice is not only a matter of taste but also of skill. Some fabrics are more complicated to sew than others and will require more experience or a more specialized sewing machine such as a serger.

Choose your fabrics for the summer

Thin and light fabrics are ideal for the edenrobe summer season.

When buying fabrics online, it is important to check the weight of the fabric, this information will give you a first idea of ​​the thickness. You may be wondering “how do you know what weight will be suitable for this or that type of clothing”? To find out, you will find a small article on this subject here

5 essential fabrics for summer

1) The most natural fabric: tencel

2) A fabric appreciated for its freshness: bamboo jersey

3) A super breathable fabric: modal

Modal is an incredibly soft fabric. It absorbs moisture more than cotton and allows the skin to breathe properly.

Modal mesh fabric

Modal knit fabrics

4) The classic from classic: the cotton fabric

Cotton fabric has many qualities that we look for in summer. Plus, if you’re a beginner sewer, it’s an easy-to-sew fabric.

5) To follow the trend: colored lace

The trend for the summer is colored laces! The opportunity to see life in color!

Summer lace in neon colors

Summer is an opportunity to evolve in sewing!

Summer is the time to give free rein to the fantasy that is in us. Don’t stay on your laurels and dare to sew fabrics that are out of the ordinary.

Of course, I advise you to go gradually!

When you’re ready, you’ll find whimsical fabrics here to create your unique wardrobe!

Even if it seems difficult, hang on and go after your dreams. Sewing a stylish and trendy outfit is not out of reach!


By investing in more expensive but better quality parts, you realize a gain in the long term. Your clothes will last much longer and they will look noticeably different. There are parts, materials, with which you cannot cheat. This is where you need to start!


Leather (shoes, jackets, bags): let’s say it right away, cheap leather is noticed right away. So there’s no need to look for a leather jacket or beautiful dress shoes with a minimum expenditure logic: for these pieces, quality is paid for.

On the shoes, it is also at the level of the assembly (and therefore of the lifespan) that a poor quality will make you lacking. Yes… a nice pair of shoes, it starts around 150 € (with bootmakers like Meermin or Seventh Width). And know that those who promise you quality for less than 100 € are bluffing…

The question is: before or after wearing the piece?

Chunky knit: assembling chunky knits requires specific and much more meticulous know-how than for light knits. It will be necessary to turn to specialists such as Scotland House of Cashmere.


Cotton: t-shirts, shirts, chinos, summer jackets… Cottons are almost all the same. It is in particular for this reason that we find everything and anything in all price ranges. So what makes one cotton better than another? To find out, I invite you to take a look at our Albini spinning test, everything is explained there.