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morning diet to improve sex life

Best morning diet to improve sex life!

Food takes the center of every human event, knowingly or unknowingly, & sex has not been left as well. Bring back the spark of your sexual life, build libido & make it happen by eating, right, fresh and absolutely natural items starting from your morning diet. A psychological study shows that people who have sex at least once in a week feel happy and content with their partners and lives.

What Ayurveda says?

Sex leads to loss of ojas, it is not just an act of intimacy & pleasure, but it also consumes a lot of energy. Having a diet that helps to improve ojas in the body along with strength building is great. A session of sex can burn 300 calories for you. Therefore, you need to eat what makes you healthy & cheerful. Sex is also based on Rituchariyra in Ayurveda. Ashtang Hridyam was written more than 2000 years ago & it explicitly explains that frequency of love-making should be done based on the seasonal change. Winter season is the happiest time to indulge in hot sex, followed by autumn, rain and summer, but make sure to prepare the body with a superb fresh & nutritious meal along with aphrodisiacs.

Healthy morning meals are essential to keep your metabolism up, maintain the ojas and gain strength, depletion of ojas is always part of the act & an essence of the whole journey of getting intimate at various levels. Strong immunity, ojas & strength along with stable physiological functions, clear conscience, stress free mental state, all are necessary elements of being happy while having sex. The other important factor in determining the pleasure is to be open to conversations regarding your sexual needs, insecurities, problems and only an expert sexologists can help you right. Check out the best sexologists in lucknow.

Dosha Analysis

Ayurveda basically categorizes people based on the doshas i.e. Vata, pitta & kapha. Harmonizing these three in your body sets the balance but mostly one Dosha dominates in the body which is different for everyone. Moderation is the key for Pitta dosha people in any season, while vata dosha people are sensitive with less fat and muscles in the body, ojas preservation by having Intercourse for less number of times a week can work wonders. Kapha person have more musculature and are well built, strength is no issue for them, they can have sex as often as they want to but keeping healthy is a condition for all kinds.

Here are the items for your morning diet to boost your sex drive

Spiced tea – Spices like nutmeg & cinnamon not only provide antioxidants and warmth to the body but also boost your sex drive, support the issues of erection & premature ejaculation. Crush your spice, add them to the boiling water pot, wait for 5 min, stir, strain and you are ready!

Herbs are the best – Ashwagandha should be consumed with a warm glass of milk. This queen of herbs is an absolute magic for elevating the sex drive intensity. Rich in antioxidants, zinc, iron, calcium and all essentials to support the man to go for a steamy session.

Pomegranates – Pomegranates along with your breakfast are healthy. The juice of it or simply the fruit consumption has shown to boost the level of testosterone in the body. The increased hormone level is an indicator of improved libido. The fruit goes with your salads and yogurts and a fairly good source of antioxidants.

Saffron milk – This extra expensive herb 🌿 is not just aesthetically pleasing, aromatic but is power packed with antioxidants, selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and a lot more. Kesar has been a constant or boosting male sex drive in Ayurveda. A glass of saffron milk works wonders.

Almonds & walnuts – Dry fruits are not just fulfilling, they are super nutritious too. Almonds contain arginine which is an amino acid required by the body, it improves blood circulation & solves the erection issues too. Similarly, walnuts are super healthy too, they support spermatogenesis and great for motility problems of sperms.


There are hundreds of ways to improve your sex drive but natural way is the best, without a doubt. It is necessary to note that every couple is different & individuals have their own insecurities while seeking advice from an expert sexologist along with experimenting in their sexual lives. Popping a pill will not always solve the problem, but natural herbs with expert opinions will, for sure!

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