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Best Weekend Treks Near Bengaluru

Best Weekend Treks Near Bengaluru

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Are you tired of visiting overcrowded places with loud music? It is natural to want something different on the weekend after that mundane week of endless office work. All that built-up stress of the entire week needs an outlet and what better alternative than Mother Nature itself. Working long hours between humans and technology has taken a toll on mental health. Here are some trek trails embedded with nature in their full glory, ready to destress and recharge your mind.

Savandurga hills

Relax your mind in Savandurga hills which are 29 kms away from the busy city of Bengaluru. It is a steep, carved out mountain. free of any vegetation hillock in close proximity to Savandurga Fort. The hilltop consists of a monolith temple of Sree Lakshmi Narasimha standing tall. You can hop right into a taxi and get off at Savandurga Trekking Base point on your day off. It is recommended to travel early in the morning since the temperature rises as the day progresses. Sometimes watching a sunrise is the best way to start your weekend. If it is too late to go home, there are various campgrounds at the foothills where you can spend the night in tents. The Bidarakatte Trek is just 450 m away from Savandurga base point. This is a nature reserve in Savandurga Forest premises. The place consists of a standing structure of an ancient temple surrounded by greenery. You can also visit Manchanabele waterfall for a cool dip in the afternoon.

Kodachadri trek

Moving forward to Kodachadri trek, which is the actual depiction of real life painting. The place’s colors are bright with cloud puffs floating which makes it surreal. About 412 kms away from Bengaluru city, Kodachadri is the ideal destination to visit for long weekends. Due to its location in Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary and in the vicinity of Arabian Sea, the trek is one of a kind. The valleys are covered with thick dense forests nestling a variety of species of flora and fauna. There are multiple paths to reach the summit which goes through dense forests, Hidlumane Waterfalls and a jeep ride, the latter being the longest route. One you reach the hilltop, you get the incredible view of the Arabian Sea far in the distance. Also if possible, explore the Chitramoola Cave and the temple inside it.  Witness nature’s finest wonders where you can watch a sunset in the Sea while standing on a summit of a mountain. 


The serene Bheemeshwari cannot go unnoticed.the location is perfect if you are expecting more out of your weekend. Bheemeshwari offers some of the most unique spots for the travelers.  Set on the banks of River Cauvery, you can dip as well as fish in the river while the sun sets on the river’s horizon. You can climb up to the hilltop and have yourself a panoramic view of the town surrounded by Bannerghatta National Park. There are forest lodges, tents, and camping facilities inside the National Park area. If not hiking, explore the Butterfly Park inside the national park’s premises. This biological park is huge with hundreds of different butterfly species. 

Nandi Hills

The nearby one-day treks include, Nandi Hills, Kudremukh, Devarayandurga, Siddhara Betta, Shivgange, Anthargange and many more. Siddara Betta is a treasure trove of nature and blessed with several natural caves and medicinal herbs. There Is a natural spring on top of the hillock from where iced cold water rushes out. While Devarayandurga is famous for its natural water spring called Namada Chilume, Anthargange is known for being a mind blowing night trek. People often camp on the summit, set up tents, have stargazing events and share stories around the bonfire.  


Shivagange is a mountain peak located 54 km from Bengaluru is a pilgrim site for Hindus.the sacred mountain is shaped as a Shivalinga and a spring flows near which is locally known as ‘Ganga’, thereby giving the place its name. It is also known as Dakshina Kashi and has various temples in the surroundings. 

You can also give yourself a break by camping in tents visiting the resorts in Bangalore. Most of the resorts offer a range of adventurous activities in their weekend, day out packages. In these. There are activities like trekking, hiking, cave explorations, kayaking, zip lining and many more. Change your routine by relaxing in these cozy resorts with your friends and family. The whole purpose of weekends is to provide a change of environment and have a good time by doing things which make you happy.