You are currently viewing Cable Street: Student Accommodation Lancaster with Contemporary Facilities

Cable Street: Student Accommodation Lancaster with Contemporary Facilities

If you are willing to acquire a student accommodation Lancaster, in which you can enjoy the contemporary experience then Cable Street can be the right place for you. Here, you find everything that is needed by the students with modern taste. This is a perfect place for the students for studying, for meeting new people, and for a lot more.

So, let’s have a look at some of the things that you find inside the student accommodation Lancaster named “Cable Street”.

Availability of Standard, Classic, and Standard Single Rooms

Cable Street offers three types of accommodation, which are standard room, classic room, and standard single.

You find everything of your need while living in any of the rooms. These rooms are available in a three, four, or five-bedroom flat. Therefore, you can live in the company of other residents also.

Here you find comfortable beds, a study table and chair, and a hand basin. The size of a bed is 3-4th.

The kitchen is fully equipped. A 4 ring hob and single oven are available here. Moreover, you also find a fridge/freezer to keep your things fresh, to store cold water & cold drinks, to make ice and ice creams, and so on. The washer/dryer and dishwasher are also available here.

Broadband and Wi-Fi Internet

In the present scenario, when everything is becoming online, it seems difficult to live without the internet. Even you are reading this article online. Accommodations are also booked through the internet. Besides, shopping, searching for important information, staying in touch with loved ones, and every other thing is done via the internet these days.

The above-mentioned ones are some basic requirements of the internet. Other than them, it has become a major aspect of the lives of the students. A big part of their studies is done through the internet.

There is a trend of online classes in the present scenario, especially after the spread of covid. Besides, a number of lessons are downloaded on the internet by the students. Many projects & assignments are completed with the help of the internet in the present scenario.

So, to fulfill these purposes of the students, Cable Street offers the suffix arrangement of the internet. Here, you can find a broadband connection in the rooms. Moreover, Wi-Fi is also available to connect your laptops and smartphones to the internet.

TV for Entertainment and News

There may be situations when you are free, and you want some entertainment, or are willing to listen to the news to stay connected with the world. In such situations, you can play the TV that is found inside every room.

Bicycle Storage Space

If you like to keep a bicycle for exercising or for visiting nearby places, then you can keep it without any worries here. You find a bicycle storage space here, which is why your bicycle is fully safe at this place.  

Security Services

There are some excellent security services available at this place. You are fully safe while living in Cable Street. On the other hand, you can also keep your belongings secured here.

The major thing for ensuring security here is the installation of CCTV cameras. The CCTV cameras are installed at the property, so all the suspicious activities, as well as persons, are easily detected here.

On the other hand, there is the arrangement of secure door entry. It allows you to protect your belongings with ease.  

Universities near Cable Street

The University of Cumbria can be reached within just 20 minutes from here on foot. On the other hand, it takes 30 minutes by bus in reaching the University of Lancaster.

Public Transport near Cable Street

Cable Street is perfectly connected to different parts of the city through public transport. You can reach the nearest bus station within 2 minutes and can catch the bus for any university or place of sightseeing in the city. Lancaster train station is also very near and can be reached within 6 minutes on foot.

Significant Places to Visit near Cable Street

Students get the opportunity to visit some significant places in the city while living in Cable Street. Lancaster Castle and Lancaster City Museum are perfect to explore the history of the city. Both these places are within the walking distance of Cable Street.

The University of Cumbria Sports Complex is also located close to the city. So, it allows the resident to access its facilities easily.

Besides, due to the public transport at the easy distance from Cable Street, the students can visit the other travel destinations of Lancaster also.

Final Thoughts

Cable Street is unquestionably an amazing place to live for the students. The students get the full comfort here at affordable prices. You can book the accommodation easily at Cable Street. You are just required to visit the website of a student accommodation service provider.

On the websites of student accommodation service providers, you can easily compare different accommodations and can make a wise decision.