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Can I Prepare For The UPSC Exam Along With My Graduation

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Yes, you can prepare for the UPSC civil services exam along with your graduation, and preparing along with the graduation will give you many advantages as the UPSC clearly states the eligibility criteria as 21 and graduation in any subject from any recognized university.

If you are preparing along with your graduation is one of the good decisions which shows that you are on the right path as many aspirants miss these opportunities and start preparing late as it is observed in a trend that most of the candidates who make it to the final list, the average age is 28.

Preparing for UPSC civil services exam along with your graduation is fruitful in many ways which can be justified as getting into the services in your early 20s may result in you attaining the highest positions in the services and serving for the country and the pressure of family is less during this period.

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But yes, preparing for the Civil Services Examination is the toughest part and requires consistency. UPSC IAS exam is not about just reading static parts but it requires proper guidance, practice, and proper watch.


Understand the demand of UPSC

Demand means that pattern and the areas which are asked by UPSC in previous years and the important topics which are asked should be covered and analyzed by serious aspirants during the preparation as the questions are mostly repetitive but everyone who is preparing knows the topic but there should be a specialty of your answer as compared to others which can be only achieved by answer writing practice.

EDEN IAS courses help to be the one.


Understand the time Constraints

Completing the Syllabus on time is one of the tough tasks, after completing the syllabus revision is a necessity and answer writing practice requires time and it is very important to understand that time constraint and hence, you should have the ability to prioritize your time.

But it is very difficult and requires consistency with the help of technology which is very hard to keep up with the time.

A schedule should be there and every successful aspirant.


Have a hold on Current Issues

For understanding the basic perspective of current issues and enhancing the perspectives of seeing things, newspapers play an important role. It is not advisable to avoid newspapers irrespective of time constraints.

Right guidance and strategies should prevail to clear this exam and if there is a lack of strategy may result in loss of precious attempts.

To avoid this circumstance, to harness the energy and time during this time join Eden IAS’s foundation course known as Lakshya which is a 3-year program that helps to complete the syllabus on time, as completing the syllabus is one of the difficult tasks for every aspirant.

The Lakshya Foundation course of Eden IAS provides daily answer writing sessions after the class has helped students to analyze their weak areas and enhance their answer writing skills in 2 years.

The Lakshya Foundation Course has helped various aspirants in clearing the exam

While preparing for UPSC it will be good if it is planned and the graduation subjects match with any GS subjects or your optional subject.

Best graduation courses are those that can reflect the direct link between the graduation degree and the optional subject and it is proved that it is the best strategy and proved to milestone for the toppers like TINA DABI and Ansar Shaikh whose graduation stream is Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and her optional subject was Political Science.

The best optional subjects which are recommended are GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, and Political Science & International Relations as these subjects help to interlink various GS subjects. For eg- Geography helps to interlink with World History and understand mineralization and other various aspects. UPSC Answer Writing is all about interlinking the knowledge that over time comes while working on it and EDEN IAS’s Foundation Course helps with it.

All in one based on my experience and market research, Eden IAS’s Lakshya Foundation course is the best course for holistic preparation.

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