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Canon Printer Error b200 mp560 | Fix this issue

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Canon is one of the leading printer brands that attracts users with its reliability and simple troubleshooting features. The Canon Printer Error b200 mp560 is the effective error.

With unique specifications and high print quality, Canon provides extensive utility. However, it is also not free from glitches and technical bugs like any other electronic machine.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error b200 mp560?

The mp560 model users usually encounter the b200 error at some point while working on the Canon printers.

Canon mp560 models have more than four ink cartridges. They usually face this kind of potential catastrophic error.

To cope-up with the Canon printer error b200 mp560, follow the guidelines provided in the article. Let’s first know the causes of the error code.


The primary ground for the error is a faulty print head.

The print head is the core component of the printing system. It transfers the ink from the ink cartridges onto the paper.

As a replacement, using a cheaper or inferior-quality print head may cause the Canon printer b200 error.

Effective Solutions to Eradicate the Canon B200 Error on mp560:

Try the following suggestions before replacing the device. Go through all the given steps and follow them appropriately.

1. Reset the canon printer:

To reset the printer, go through the following steps:

Leave the canon printer disconnected from the power cable for at least 20 minutes.

A long reset allows the printer to settle down and restore itself.

Turn the printer on and get everything back to the position.

2. Eliminate Any Obstructions:

Another reason that may cause Canon Printer Error b200 is some hindrance disrupting the connection to the printer head.

Remove the print head from the printer, carefully lift it out, and reseat it to see if that fixes the problem.

To remove the print head, press the lever located on the print head.

3. Clean the Printer Head:

Run a cleaning cycle using the Device Maintenance options. It is a practical tool for cleaning a clogged print head.
Deep Clean Process:

Update both the printer drivers as well as the utility software.
After clicking the start button, Find and select Devices and Printers.
Choose the Canon Pixma MP560 and click Properties.
Then, under the maintenance tab, click Deep Cleaning.

4. Manual Cleaning of the Print Head:

Turn off the printer and unplug the cable from the power socket.

Open the printer cover and observe the ink cartridges.

Remove the print head with utmost care.

Next, clean the print head as well as the ink cartridges.

Clean the gold contacts of the print head with pure alcohol or non-oily cleaning fluid.

To rub the cleaner onto the contacts, use a microfiber cloth. Before reconnecting, let it dry completely.

Consider dealing with the print head carefully, as its bottom part is very delicate. It can not withstand rough treatment.

Re-install the printhead and the ink cartridges.

Power on the printer and try to run a test print.

5. Run the Setup Wizard:

Begin with opening the Printer Driver Setup Wizard.

Under the Maintenance tab, click on the Cleaning button.

A pop-up window appears. It allows you to choose the ink group that requires cleaning.

Further, follow the on-screen instructions.

At last, check the result in the print check pattern.

6. Replace the Ink in the Print Head:

Dirty print head contacts can cause Canon Printer error b200.

Run the ink head under hot tap water to remove the hardened ink trapped inside the print head.

Keep the water flowing through until the water comes out clean. Use a paper towel or lint-free cloth to dab it. You can also use a hair dryer for the drying process.

Reinsert the print head when it dries completely.

7. Replace the Faulty Cartridges:

Generally, the defective cartridges may not trigger the B200 error, but in some cases, it may happen. Therefore, try using the new ink cartridges.

8. Update the Printer Driver:

Always keep your printer drivers updated. The outdated or corrupted versions may also generate a b200 error code.

Re-install the Printer Drivers:

Remove the printer driver first in the Printer Settings.

After giving a reset to the printer, add the drivers again to the list.

Check if re-installation of printer drivers helps in canon printer b200 mp560 error reset.

Canon b200 mp560 Head Replacement:

Do not think about replacing the printheads, as they are much more expensive.

Even these are not easily accessible. Moreover, the printer may develop any other error after one year or more.


If none of the above methods work for Canon printer b200 mp560 error reset and Canon Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi then consider this as high time to shop for a new printer.

If you get stuck at any point while performing the given steps, make a call to the experts.

Our top geeks will be available at your service to guide you on How To Fix Canon Printer Error b200 mp560.

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