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The benefit of relying on a mode of transportation allows us to get to our destination on time and not have to worry about all the restrictions that would follow otherwise. There are significant benefits of owning a vehicle, it is one of the best ways in which we can access transportation and ease our travelling without any issues.

Travelling is a vital part of our everyday lives. For multiple reasons and purposes, we move from one place to another in a vehicle Mot Leicester. So, how the vehicle responds is paramount. 

The condition of the vehicle is very important for a number of reasons. How the vehicle responds and how it functions upon our usage determines how well it performs for a long time. The best way to ensure that a vehicle is able to deliver exactly the kind of performance you want is by keeping up with its maintenance.

The maintenance of the vehicle is a serious issue that one cannot overlook. How your vehicle responds on the road can play a very big role in how its condition. What is going inside the vehicle will replicate in the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the condition of your vehicle does not run awry due to a lack of maintenance and care. 

Maintenance does not just come in the form of car service. To ensure that your vehicle is actually in a good condition, an MOT test is done annually. An MOT Test is a mandatory test that your vehicle needs to clear in order to drive on the road. Without the proper condition of the parts of the vehicle, the car will not be able to deliver the kind of performance you expect.

Moreover, an MOT test is done to ensure that every vehicle on the road is driving safely. That being said, it is extremely easy to fail an MOT test if one fails to take the care of this part into account. Here are some signs your vehicle might fail its MOT: 

  1. Since the tyres of the vehicle maintain momentum and keep the vehicle in motion, their inspection is liable. The MOT inspector will ensure that the tyres do not have any outward damage by inspecting them visually. 

Furthermore, the tyre tread depth will also be taken into account. If there are any other damages that irk the inspector, the vehicle might fail the MOT test. 

  1. The brakes ensure the safety of the passengers as well as everyone on the road. So, the MOT inspector is thorough when it comes to the inspection of the brakes. They will assess the rotor, the brake pads and even the brake fluid. If everything is in a good condition, only then will your vehicle will have a clear pass. 
  1. The engine is paramount to your vehicle. If your vehicle wants to continue running, the condition of the engine has to be top notch. Whilst it is important to replace the fluid of the engine annually, the filter of the engine oil is also something that one cannot simply ignore. Therefore, the condition of your exhaust will be inspected to determine the condition of your engine care. 

The mot inspector will run your vehicle in order to assess the fumes coming from the exhaust. If the vehicle does not have enough fuel for the MOT inspector to run the engine, the vehicle will automatically fail the mot test. 

  1. Other parts of the vehicle that may seem minor additions to your car’s safety are still important in wide terms. The condition of the window and the windshield are also taken into account when the vehicle undergoes the MOT test. If there is any damage to the window car repair leicester measuring more than 10mm on the side of the driver’s seat, the vehicle will fail the mot test easily.

Other parts of the vehicle like the brake lights and front lights are also considered in the MOT test.