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Continue Medical Expense Insurance for Government Officials in Metlife

In response to the changes that have occurred in the country regarding the elimination of the Collective Medical Expense Insurance benefit as of January, we have compiled this series of frequently asked questions that apply if you had your collective policy as a government official in METLIFE ( or another insurer such as Atlas, Mapfre, Banorte, Axa, etc.), and they told you that it was canceled at the end of 2018. We want to give you a guide, and I ask you to contact us to advise you personally and find the best solution together with you. or if there is any doubt about it.

Quote here if you already want to do it. Consider that for Metlife, the cost changes a little if your policy comes from Guaranteed Protection. You will see the Jalisco rate, but we also have agents in Mexico City and Nuevo León. Just define your city in the form. We do not have attention in other cities for now, but this information is useful to you in any way.


If I have a Guaranteed Protection insurance (coverage extension) from Metlife, how do I convert it into an individual policy?

Metlife has Guaranteed Protection policies, which consist of giving continuity to the coverage once the insured sum of the community ends, or the NPI insurance of the person (or family) ends due to separation or an event like this. If you contracted a Guaranteed Protection policy with Metlife some time ago, illnesses arising from its contract are covered. It would be necessary to request Metlife to change the deductible to a lower one, with which the cost will change according to the conditions requested.

What are the requirements to convert the Metlife Guaranteed Protection policy to an individual policy?

The filling out of a form of changes, identification, proof of address, and letter of insurance cancellation, among others, is requested. There is a limit of 60 days from the cancellation of the group insurance to convert the insurance to individual, so after this time, this right is lost, and the high deductible originally contracted remains.

Does everyone have to stay with the same METLIFE insurer?

Call us to analyze each case. It is likely that only the person who requires it will remain in the individual Guaranteed Protection policy, converted to individual. When there are important pre-existing conditions and, above all, ongoing illnesses, it is not advisable to change insurers.

I do not have Guaranteed Protection with Metlife. If I take out a policy with Metlife, will I be recognized as pre-existing?

You must fill out the request for medical expenses with your normal individual medical questionnaire and adhere to Metlife’s conditions on pre-existing coverage. Metlife will recognize seniority, but from the outset, it does not recognize pre-existing or ongoing illnesses. For Metlife, only after two years, without expenses for said illness and prior assessment by Metlife, pre-existing conditions can be covered, subject to restrictions.

If I do not have Guaranteed Protection, what can I do to have insurance?

Contact us to contract an individual policy with seniority recognition. If you have significant pre-existing conditions or health problems, it is likely that you will be out of coverage or even that the person is no longer insurable. This is defined by each insurer in its medical underwriting department according to the request for medical expenses entered.


Is a new insurer going to cover pre-existing conditions?

Depending on what disease it is and that it is finished. A medical questionnaire is carried out that the insurer values and defines in what conditions the insurance will remain and if it covers said pre-existence in the event that it appears in the future. Diseases or ongoing pregnancies are not covered under any circumstances.

What is Antiquity, and why is it important to preserve it?

Seniority will eliminate waiting periods, but it is not the same as providing pre-existing coverage from the previous insurer. 

Seniority is important because it means that some conditions (such as gynecological, hernias, varicose veins, tonsils, some cancers, cholecystitis, cataracts, arthritis, hemorrhoids, prostate conditions, perineal or venous floor insufficiency, fibrosis, etc.) are covered from the change of insurer, and not after one or two years. FIGHT TO  PRESERVE YOUR SENIORITY.

 Does the new insurer respect my seniority?

Yes. With what you will not have the waiting periods that we mentioned. Only in Maternity and AIDS is seniority not recognized.

How is it done to Recognize Antiquity?

To recognize seniority, it is necessary to have a “Seniority Letter” issued by METLIFE, which mentions the name of each insured and the dates from and until they had coverage. There should NOT be an uncovered period of more than 30 days. That is why it is necessary to request this letter and make sure as soon as possible. It is possible to apply for a policy in a new insurer without a seniority letter, and after the policy is issued, enter the seniority letter to enjoy this right, provided that the overdraft period is not more than 30 days.

If you lose your seniority because more than 30 days go by without coverage, it is necessary to hire again from scratch and gain it little by little, until after two years, you have covered illnesses with a waiting period again (and AIDS at 4 years). 

Does maternity recognize seniority?

No. Motherhood and AIDS are the exception and do not recognize seniority. In a new insurer, it is necessary to go through the 10-month waiting period for maternity and its complications and 4 years for AIDS. A pregnant woman will continue to be covered only if she had Guaranteed Protection in Metlife and converts her policy to an individual.

What should I do now to insure or continue my insurance?

Quote here; contact us, and we will discuss your particular case. We require the names of the insured, gender, and age, as well as knowing if they have the guaranteed protection policy in Metlife. Mention preferably the pre-existing diseases they have. And your city of residence. With these elements, we can think of the best strategy and, if necessary, present you with a quote, adjusting it to your needs and budget.