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Custom Sign Installation

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You will find out more about the different types of signs for commercial use and how to install them in our guide to Custom Sign installation.

Find out more about
Channel letters Small- to large-sized individual letters often joined with other pieces
Monument & Pylon signs Large and heavy signs that are installed far from buildings
Signs Signage Small- to Large-Sized Signs
Vehicle Graphics Wraps for vehicles and graphics that need to be installed precisely


Custom Signage Installation Guide




Storefront signs can be very heavy and large. To install them safely, you will need special skills and expertise.



Heavy signs must be lifted safely


Storefront signs are usually installed on top of buildings. They pose a danger to pedestrians and installers if they aren’t installed correctly.




The right equipment:

Custom signage for commercial purposes needs special equipment to reach high enough heights and get into tight spaces.

It must also be strong enough to hold your sign in place, and have the appropriate safety features to protect your installers.

The right equipment will help you to keep your sign installation costs down. It will be done correctly the first time, and you won’t have to make frequent repairs or corrections.


The Right Tools:

Your storefront sign is very heavy and likely being attached at great heights to your building.

Commercial signage professionals need to have the right tools in order to make sure your sign doesn’t fall.

Different facades or different types of commercial signage might require different fastenings. Your installation company should have the right materials in order to complete the job.



Sign installation is a skill.


Trained Technicians

You need to have the right equipment and the correct tools. But -trained technicians are also necessary. They must be knowledgeable and experienced in custom sign installation.

This skill is not easy and should not be attempted by amateurs. Your sign should be securely and properly attached so it looks great and lasts a long time.


Knowledge of Local Bylaws:

Local Bylaws must also be followed when displaying storefront signage. Some municipalities may place restrictions on how large signs can be put up and where they can be located.

You should ensure that you hire a sign company that is familiarized with the local laws and will adhere to them.



You can choose the look and energy that you want from your sign. A custom sign company should be familiar with all types of illuminated signage.




Experience with Different Types Of Illuminated Signage

Neon and fluorescent signs have different requirements, so your installer should have previous experience with these types of signs.


Electrical Experience:

Electricity is a skill that commercial sign installers need to have. You may need to be able to connect your sign to an existing light source to ensure it is always powered.




You need to have electrical experience


Creatively Hide Cords:

You don’t want the cord visible if your signage is to be plugged in to an electrical outlet. A skilled custom sign installation team can hide any cables creatively so your sign looks professional.



Channel letters are letters that are attached to the exterior or inner of your business.



Channel letters are available for installation inside and outside buildings


Channel letters can give your office or building a professional and modern look if they are properly installed.

There are many options for channel letters – from bold and large lettering to classic fonts to elegant and classic ones.




Properly Spared:

Channel letters are distinct and require the appropriate amount of space. This is not as simple as having the same space between each channel letter. It takes a lot more work than that.

It is not easy to get the spacing right. A professional custom sign company will be able to help you.

This video will show you how complex spacing letters can be.

It may seem more difficult than you think to place your letters correctly!


Properly Aligned

A channel letter will also need alignment.

  • Are you looking for straight lines or arcs?
  • They will be placed together with an image or symbol that represents your company.
  • They should be placed relative to other architectural features like windows.

These are all important questions to ask when you think about how to install your channel letters.



Monument and pylon signs look similar, but pylon signs stand taller. Signs of both types are typically located closer to the road so that drivers can easily see them.




The Height Of Your Sign:

Local Bylaws may require that signage not exceed a specified height. You also need your sign to be visible from far enough away.



Monument Sign


Pylon Sign


Where is your sign located?

Your sign must be installed in accordance with regulations. The law may specify how far the sign must be from the road. It is also important to ensure that the sign is installed only on land where permission has been granted.


The Angle of Your Sign –

Commercial sign professionals will know the best angle to place your sign in order for it to be seen by as many people possible.



There are many types of interior signage available, each with its own set of installation challenges.

For example, wall decals, communication boards and menu boards as well as directional finding signs must all be placed straight and at an angle so that your customers can see them clearly.



Interior signs must be properly installed to make look professional


Interior signs can be less costly than exterior signs because they are smaller, simpler, lighter and require less specialized equipment.

Even signs that appear simple should be installed properly by professionals if they are to look professional and last.

A quote from your sign company is also important. This will let you know what you can expect and how much to budget for the type sign you want to install.



Your vehicle’s size and shape will vary so your graphics should be tailored to fit your vehicle. But that’s only half the job.



Properly placed vehicle graphics can be a great advertisement!


It is important to place your vehicle graphics correctly and evenly after they are made. Otherwise, the design won’t look professional.

Vehicle graphics can be a cost-effective option for companies that use company vehicles a lot.

Vehicle graphics can be a great way for you to advertise your products and services wherever you drive.



Signimpact had the honor of recently completing a special Cornwall sign project. The entire process, from design through installation can be read here. Or, continue reading to see the highlights.





A sign project


This project shows just how important aspects such as sign background, letter sizing, colour and letter sizing are!

For this project, we used 1″ thickness letters and images. The channel letters really pop off the monument sign, making them stand out and grab attention.



Signimpact can provide the highest quality commercial sign installation. We are there for you at every stage of the signage process, including installation.

We will help you design the perfect signage, taking into account your input so you get exactly what you want.

Our expert team of commercial sign designers will consider the following:

  • Local by-laws
  • Features of your building
  • Style and size of your building
  • The surrounding environment and features

We will make sure your brand is represented in the best possible way on the final product.



Signimpact will create your sign using the finest materials and the most skilled workers to ensure that it exceeds industry standards.

We will work with you right from the start, so when it comes to installing your sign, our knowledge will be second to none.

Our equipment and tools are state-of the-art, and our technicians have years of experience. We will ensure that your signage is securely installed on time.