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Custom Suitcase Boxes: Wholesale Printed Custom Suitcase Packaging

Custom Suitcase Boxes: Wholesale Printed Custom Suitcase Packaging

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At custom boxes, we offer the most stylish and high-quality Custom suitcase boxes that you can use in a variety of ways depending on your needs.
Everyone is concern about their personal characteristics. Nobody wants to use large, unsightly packaging boxes for their product. Most of the time, the customer requires a large box to accommodate a large number of products and does not want to compromise on the appearance of the boxes. Custom Suitcase Boxes is the best solution for this stress, according to custom vape boxes. These boxes are construct in such a way that they can easily accommodate heavy luggage. Optioned materials are introduce following the completion of a heavy burden test. These materials include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and cardstock.
Furthermore, our company has introduced the best solution, add-ons, for its appearance. These include various colours, coatings, foiling, embossing, debossing, and so on. These alterations can improve the look of the Custom Suitcase Boxes Wholesale. Furthermore, our company has set the prices for these boxes after an in-depth discussion about the customers’ convenience. Furthermore, delivery is free all over the world.
Suitcase boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Simply specify the dimensions and we will manufacture the box, whether square or rectangular. We also offer custom suitcase boxes and custom sports boxes in a variety of sizes; for small and light-weight items, a smaller box is recommend. However, if you need to store gifts that are too large and heavy to be support by small boxes, we have a larger suitcase box that will meet your needs. We can make the suitcase box in any size or shape you require.

Printing that is unique:

We not only give you the opportunity to have your favourite designs imprinted on custom suitcase boxes and custom retail boxes, but we also provide you with innovative and intriguing designs completely free of charge. Furthermore, before delivering the final packaging, we provide you with a digital proof or 3D Mockup design of the box so that you can see how the box will look.

Use stiff and sturdy material to protect your products:

Because these boxes are mostly used for heavy items, the material should be stiff and strong enough to protect the product from any kind of strokes and jerks. We provide three major types of materials, which are as follows:
Cardboard and cardstock are both materials that can be count as one. Both materials are grade in points based on their thickness. The thickness of the material can be request by the customer based on the demand for their product. You can increase the points if your product’s body is particularly sensitive. Furthermore, you can reduce the thickness. It’s entirely up to you.


Printing options allow you to personalize the Custom Suitcase Boxes:

We offer three different types of printing for the boxes. Customers can use this option to personalize the boxes with printing, such as adding quotes and other statements. Furthermore, the company can advertise itself by printing its name on boxes, titles, logos, and stickers, among other things. The following are the various types of printings:
Offset printing is a type of ink-based printing. Furthermore, if used on a large scale, this type is very inexpensive. Digital printing functions similarly to office printers, which means it is a toner-based printing method. Furthermore, flexography is considerer a modern type of printing. This is also a low-cost option for mass production.

Add elaborations to your boxes to give them a more appealing appearance:

In this article, elaboration refers to add-ons, which include coatings, filing, colours, embossing, and debossing. The coatings are available in three different finishes: matte, gloss, and UV spot. On the Custom Suitcase Packaging, these three work in different ways. Matte is a type of coating that gives the bottom of the boxes a flat appearance. While the gloss gives the box’s base a shinny and eye-catching appearance. Furthermore, the UV spot is a type that is use on a few and specific areas of the box, and the advantage of this type is that it can use matte and gloss on the box both together and separately.
Colors can liven up the appearance of any dull or dim packaging. Our company offers two colour shades, one CMYK and the other PMS. Both are price differently and have different pigmentations. CMYK is less expensive than PMS.
There are two types of foiling: gold and silver. These two types can be use on the entire box as well as specific areas of the box. The custom packaging boxes with logo are give an eye-catching appearance by foiling.


You can buy 100 to 500,000 suitcase boxes at The suitcase box will be deliverer to you within 4 to 6 business days, but if you want it deliverer sooner, please let us know and it will done. Contact us at for more ideas on custom suitcase boxes and custom suitcase packaging.