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Editorial Shoot: Holiday Glam

Editorial Shoot: Holiday Glam

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With everything that did not happen in 2020 (thank you covid) I knew I wanted to end the year hard and bring some joy not only into my own life but to many others. I crave something creative and something that will encourage me outside my comfort zone. Editorial Shoot is what I need. Event companies in chennai

Because we are all still trapped in our homes daydreaming on the day when we can come out with other people, I have plenty of time to reflect back the wedding season last year. Meredith & Kyle’s wedding, while being the second to survive, stand out. Not only because the boho style is so beautiful but they are both very pleasant to work with him. I look forward to every call and meeting that we have together, knowing that all three will laugh.

Beyond it, their autumn wedding color is something magic. Mixed red, burgandy, pink, ivory and oranges are dreams made of. For those colors with vintage decorations and endless boho and literally my wedding planner flutter.

Each of them started the day they were surrounded by their closest friends and loved ones. The women made even more beautiful by talented teams in Beautiful Brides. Top 10 event management companies in chennai

The women arrived at Rodman Hall for a ceremony by Vintage VW weddings on VW classic buses. The perfect addition to their boho wedding.

The flowers from the motives I praised the chic style and lift the decor of Joani’s decor. The established ceremony was amazing to see Esondarp ment. Guests were welcomed with Laurel & Hully music.

Following cocktail clocks, guests entered the tent which was perfectly arranged, with the perfect Boho detail Meredith wanted. Guests enjoy dinner from your farm gate and their delicious food station.

Entertainment starts with dance floors and photo booths that open to enjoy the guests. One studio tree has a queue all night with guests for a photo booth. Ry Entertainment keeps the dance floor running until the end of the night. Guests were surprised by the ice cream tonight provided by the Creamery Slab Marble. Throughout the day was captured perfectly by Maze photography. Best event management in chennai

Looking back, this marriage stands out so much for me. Meredith and Kyle are very happy all day. The details all come along with perfectly perfect. It really felt like they were both and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Together with the best and most creative women’s vendor team in the Niagara area, we came together to make a beautifully designed holiday shooting. Some holiday shooting felt the same to me, and while the element would never change, we pushed a little boundaries and created a design theme that lined up gothic and mixed in the warmth of the holiday season. It’s organic and fresh. It has two different color palettes to be played and inspired by the need to keep small and intentional things.

To complete everything, this photo shoot is displayed on a wedluxe blog and let me tell you, it is a holiday magic. Event management services in chennai