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Everything You Must Know About WordPress

Everything You Must Know About WordPress

WordPress is a content management system composed of PHP that seems to be using a MySQL database on a more technological level. WordPress is the most user-friendly and strong blogging and website-building platform available today and is also used by the top web development company in Delhi

It is a perfect solution both for small and large websites, as it was crafted with usefulness and versatility in mind.

What is WordPress?

Any website that has to use WordPress as the content management system is referred to as a WordPress website (CMS). Both the backend (the interface in which a user is logged in to make the changes or introduce additional content) and the frontend (the interface in which a user views the webpage) are powered by WordPress.

Here are examples of the different types of sites you can create with WordPress:


A blog is a website dedicated to sharing information such as feelings, pictures, reviews, instructional videos, recipes, and much more. The most recently published content is typically displayed first on blogs.

E-commerce Website

An e-commerce webpage allows you to sell products or services online and receive payment through a secure payment scheme. You can use WordPress e-commerce plug-ins to prolong WordPress’s default features, allowing you to create an online marketplace on your site.


Business Website

Having a web presence in the form of a website will benefit numerous businesses. WordPress is an outstanding option for businesses if you need a webpage for consumers to gain knowledge about the company and how much you have to offer. Customers can get in touch with you, request a quote, make a meeting, and more.


Membership Website

A membership website helps you to hide content behind a paywall or require an account login. Users should log in to the system or pay for content to view pages or posts. With the help of additional plugins, WordPress can also manage membership webpages.


Forum Website

A forum website can be a valuable resource for users who want to ask any questions or give advice. Numerous forum websites are powered by WordPress.


Event Website

Hosting an event and need a website? WordPress makes it simple to share event information and sell tickets.


E-learning Website

An e-learning website encourages students to explore online courses, monitor their progress, pdf resources, and far more. You can offer classes from a WordPress website using a special type of plugin known as a WordPress LMS plugin.


Wedding Website

With a WordPress-powered wedding website, you can share all the specifics of your big day. You can rapidly and effortlessly set up a website using one of the many WordPress nuptials themes available.


Portfolio Website

With a portfolio website built on WordPress, you can show off your art, creative ability, and so more.


When it comes to customising a WordPress website, the opportunities are limitless. Themes and plugins for WordPress can provide new design ideas and capabilities. For free themes and plugins, go to


Reasons Behind the Popularity of WordPress

If you have a hard time understanding the reason behind the popularity of WordPress as a website content management system, take a look at the benefits of using WordPress as an online platform:

  • WordPress’s simplicity allows you to quickly post and create your website’s content. 
  • The WordPress software is available for free download and use, and it can be found on However, you will have to compensate for web hosting as well as a domain name.
  • WordPress’ flexibility helps to create a wide range of websites, from blog sites, online shops to online papers and magazines.
  • If you can use Microsoft Word to create and manage a document, you could use WordPress to create and maintain a website.
  • WordPress is open-source software that is licenced under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means it is not owned by a single business or firm. Hundreds of users and developers work collaboratively on the software and contribute to its improvement. The essence of open-source implies continuous improvement, responsibility, and unrestricted use for all.
  • WordPress eliminates the need to understand how to code to create a website. It uses several different coding languages, but you don’t need to understand them to use it.
  • WordPress plugins can be used to extend the WordPress Core software. These plugins are small pieces of software that you can install on your website to enhance its functionality. On the plugin directory, there are lots of free WordPress plugins, as well as a thriving high price (paid) plugins industry.


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