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Find the best and most appropriate time to publish your posts

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Find the best and most appropriate time to publish your posts

To know when is the right time to publish your posts, you need a bit of trial and error to figure out when your followers are more active. 

First of all, use Instagram Analytics reports, which are available to everyone and have no restrictions, and are completely free.

By clicking on the audience section in this program, and scrolling it, you can see when your followers are online. This data is provided to you based on the days of the week or the hours of the day.

By looking at this information, you can find the best time to publish your posts. 

You may find that posting to your account just before a big event is more appropriate, or that it would be better if you publish your story right after the start of an event.

Respond to the opinions of different people as much as possible

In order to get a better view of yourself on Instagram, try to respond to the opinions of different people as much as possible. 

Because it increases the number of your comments and leads to more interaction for you, and in fact brings a kind of social stability to your content.

Your response to comments will encourage other people to comment. 

If the comment is a thank you for answering a question, that is enough to attract the audience. 

In some cases, it can even start a conversation, and as a result, lead to more people reaching out more engaging interaction, and subsequent viewing of the desired post and even future posts.

Use hashtags to access active users

You can increase the accessibility of your content in users’ searches by hashtagging on Instagram.

For this method to have the most impact on Instagram, you can choose hashtags that your target audience will search for. So this way, you will discover the content and other users.

There are other special hashtags, which are related to forums, which may be less popular than post hashtags. However, it is used by groups that want to connect with other people who are interested in a particular topic or association. You can get a lot of hits in these places.

Although the use of these valuable hashtags varies in the industry, you can use them in this area as well, as it adequately describes your ideal customer and is constantly posting new posts. Benefit from the same issue. But remember, do not use these hashtags too much in your posts.

Redistribute your old content in stories

To find out what content on Instagram can get the most attention from users, it is best to reuse your old content to make sure it is as visible as possible. 

This method can be one of the best options to move your content to the top of the Explorer list so that more people can see it.

Some people simply delete a post and then re-upload it the same way they used to, but you can share it again without deleting it. 

This can save you time, but keep this in mind as little as possible. And update your posts with initiative and creativity and take action to remove duplicate content.

Having a lot of activity in stories

Given that, the Instagram story algorithm is not similar to the posts algorithm, the stories deserve special attention. This Instagram feature is a great option to interact more in your posts as well as talk to your followers and build loyalty. To use stories in Instagram 2021 algorithm, you can use the following methods:

خود Use your brand hashtag. By touching your brand hashtag, users, in addition to viewing your posts, also create a sense of trust and belonging in them.

Using a hashtag belonging to your own brand will direct customers to your page and thus, the interaction will reach the highest possible level. You can also add a hashtag to show your content to different people in their searches.

Share other users’ stories. One of the features of Instagram is that when someone uses your name in their story, you will be notified, in which case you can also share the story of that person. 

Also, by encouraging your followers, you can ask them to include one of your posts in their story.

Inspired by interactive hashtags. Interactive hashtags can include questions and polls…. Be. 

For example, to ask questions of your users, you can use the question box that allows you to do this. And then, post the answers to your questions on your Instagram story. 

By doing this, you can produce more and more diverse content with which your followers can easily communicate and interact.

Note: To share your posts in the story, at the bottom of the post you want, click on the message button and select the option “Add to your story” (Add to your story), then, resize It, as well as text editing and more, can publish it.

Welcome direct

Instagram Direct has become more popular due to the increasing use of apps as well as chatting. If users send more messages to you directly, it will increase their interaction with you. 

These private messages can often include longer chats and conversations and are an opportunity for you to develop a personal connection.

This also works when you use a direct messenger to connect with users. You can send a message through the story, and keep in touch with your customers, influencers, as well as your potential partners you plan to work with.

It should be noted that this strategy does not have a good scale, so you have to choose the people you want to approach and communicate with. 

Look for partners or influencers with whom you want to connect or collaborate, and also look for clients who, based on their comments, seem to need help, and separately Focus on each conversation.

Expand your business through advertising and collaborating with influential people on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is one of the fastest ways to get more people to your account. 

To expand and increase your audience, you can connect with influential people. 

Placing ads on Instagram does not involve much cost, but if you do not pay attention to this, it can cause you trouble,

so by considering all the angles and having the right choice, it can have many benefits and advantages for You will follow.

You can promote your products by making your Instagram story attractive, with great graphics and motion. In this case, potential customers will be interested in them and by communicating with your page,

they will show more of your content and thus help you. Be sure to consider a budget for advertising on Instagram, especially if you are a newcomer to Instagram, this way you can control your expenses.

Concluding remarks

By using these strategies to have the best performance from the point of view of the Instagram 2021 algorithm, you will achieve significant growth and development in your business.

Although most people are looking to get more followers on Instagram and focus on it, you can make your business more prosperous with the right marketing strategies that are in line with the Instagram 2021 algorithm.

Be your own work. Honestly note that the Instagram algorithm 2021 can also change, but the way of communication and interaction can not be changed.

Not only is it important to publish content regularly on Instagram to get the best performance and the most benefits,

but you also need to focus on producing quality content in addition to connecting with existing Instagram users. 

Remember that in the algorithm of Instagram, there are always changes, but by discovering new and amazing methods,

you will be able to reach the audience and users you want and cause more interaction and thus increase the prosperity of your business. Become.