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How Is Commercial Roofing Different From Residential Roofing

How Is Commercial Roofing Different From Residential Roofing?

When it comes to commercial rooftops, business owners need to know about a few things to ensure you choose the proper roofing, effectively maintain its integrity, and know when it might need repairs or replacement. Although it serves the same purpose of protecting the building, you need to be aware of some facts related to the different materials used for commercial rooftops to ensure you make a suitable investment. Keep reading to know about four crucial aspects related to commercial roofing Philadelphia.

Roofing Systems

The main difference between commercial and residential roofing is the unique roofing systems available for the two types of buildings. When it comes to residential roofing, owners usually prefer asphalt shingles or concrete tiles to beautify and protect their rooftops. On the other hand, the options available for commercial roofing include materials like PVC, TPO, EPDM, concrete, tar and gravel, and sprayed polyurethane foam. As there is an extensive range of materials to choose from, business owners must conduct thorough research to ensure they find the best product suited to their unique requirements.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining a residential rooftop is much simpler than commercial roofing. You can deal with the damages on residential rooftops with small patchwork and repairs. However, the same amount of damage on a commercial rooftop requires much more attention and cannot be managed through minor repairs. For example, a small leak might not be a massive issue for residential roofing, whereas the same leak on commercial roofing can mean there is a need for an additional coating. Besides, leaks in commercial buildings usually indicate a bigger problem that needs special attention, including replacing the entire roofing.

Installation Process

Installing commercial roofing is much more complex than a residential roofing system. The procedure used to install commercial roofing is highly complicated and requires a lot more attention to deal with aspects such as the time taken by the different materials to cure and dry. In addition, the time taken to install a commercial roofing system is more than the time required for a residential rooftop. While residential rooftops can be completed in just a day or two while establishing commercial roofing can take several weeks and even more than a month. Considering the simple difference in the size of the two buildings, installing a commercial rooftop takes much more time due to the need to cover a larger area. While the size doesn’t influence the time taken a lot, it adds to the overall time of the installation process.


Commercial rooftops are more expensive to install than residential roofings and have a higher maintenance cost. From the price of the different materials and chemicals needed to hire professionals for a month, several factors increase the price of a commercial rooftop. In addition, when it comes to maintenance, as mentioned above, commercial rooftops have a much more complicated and, thus, expensive maintenance process as damages require more attention on a commercial rooftop. Furthermore, it involves roofing inspections more often to ensure you don’t get to know about an issue when it’s already too late. It, in turn, adds up to your expense of managing commercial roofing as well.

The bottom line is that all you know about residential roofing is useless when dealing with commercial rooftops. Conduct extensive research to find the products best suited for your unique requirements. Besides, you should contact experienced professionals and avail of their expertise to deal with anything related to roofing and other areas. Moreover, these roofings are much more complicated roofing systems; asking the expert is the best approach you can take. Finally, please search for the best commercial or residential roofing services on the Internet and contact them to manage all your roofing needs today!