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How Long Composite Bonding Will Last in Your Teeth

How Long Composite Bonding Will Last in Your Teeth?

People who are conscious about smile experience nightmare with any sort of oral problem. If it is stained, discoloured, unhealthy, damaged, chipped or broken teeth then even they start panicking composite bonding! It lowers down their self-esteem level and they start to avoid any social gatherings.

But dental bonding is the easy, quick and permanent solution to your problem. If you want to know for how long composite bonding lasts then continue reading this blog. It also entails how the process takes place at dental clinic. So, let’s start reading. 

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is cosmetic dental work involving bonding the teeth using tooth-coloured resin.

It is helpful for:

  • Repairing decayed teeth
  • Fixing chipped teeth
  • Hiding teeth staining and discolouration
  • Fixing fractures
  • Protecting exposed dental parts
  • Closing gaps within the teeth
  • Making the teeth appear longer
  • Using it as substitution of amalgam fillings

You can receive tooth bonding in just a single dental visit! On an average, it consumes 30-60 minutes to bond a tooth by the professional dentist without anaesthesia.

Dentist chooses the shades of composite resin matching with the teeth’s natural colour. Therefore, after having bonding the teeth will appear 100% natural. So, it never drops a hint stating others that you have cosmetic dental work.

The biggest advantage of dental bonding is it suits almost everyone. Irrespective of the cosmetic issue you experience, it serves as the ultimate solution to that.

How long it will last?

Typically, bonding will last for about 5 years. The resin is not as durable and sturdy as natural teeth enamel. So, over time it wears down, chips off and breaks completely. These aspects have an effect on the longevity of the bonding material.

However, there are ways by which you can make it last long than the anticipated time period. Remember poor lifestyle habits and unhealthy diet can wither the dental bonding at fast pace too.  In such scenarios, you need frequent touch-ups and repairs as well.

Factors affecting longevity of composite bonding are:

  • Dental bonding location

Bonding on front teeth will not last as longer as bonding on the back teeth will! It happens due to the exposure of front teeth to more discolouration and damage.

  • Quality and type of bonding material preferred

Remember, quality always speaks! Composite bonding resin is not exceptional to that! Quantity, quality and kind makes the bonding last longer than usual. Excessive or too little amount can deem for further corrections in the future. You should visit the reputed dentist only to seek the treatment with long-lasting outcome.

  • Strength and health of the tooth or teeth to bond

Healthy and strong teeth or tooth can firmly hold on the bonding for longer period of time. If you have bonding on the weak teeth it will break or chip off after some period of time.

  • Your habits and lifestyle

Take proper care of the teeth. Otherwise having foods and drinks unhealthy for the dental health can cause adverse effect on the bonding. Also poor habits like teeth-gritting and nail-biting can damage the teeth faster than ever.

Tips to last the bonding for long

The longevity of dental bonding is not within your reach. However, you can follow some steps to ensure its lifespan for a decade or more:

  • Brush every day twice as it washes off stain and decay-causing debris from the teeth. But non-abrasive toothpaste offers more benefits due to fluoride content. Even you should uses soft-bristle brush for better result.
  • Floss daily with right technique and tool. Consult with the dental professional to know the correct method of flossing.
  • Regular dental checkups and professional cleaning are helpful in the identification of the issues in the initial stages after having bonding. Hence, you have optimum time for fixing the problem and seek important advice on your dental health from the experts. Somehow, it will increase the lifespan of the bonding.
  • Abstain from chewing and biting on hard items especially fingernails, pens, ice cubes and candies. Or else it exerts pressure on the bonded teeth leading to accidental break or chip. Stop opening the food packets using teeth too.
  • Curry, red wine, tea and coffee stain the teeth. Therefore, you must avoid them. If not possible to cut them off completely then rinse the mouth after having them every time. This step will protect the teeth from staining. You can also enjoy drinking stained beverages using a metal straw for additional protection to the teeth against discolouration.
  • Quit chewing tobacco and smoking completely. These are detrimental to overall general and oral health in numerous ways. Also these cause adverse effect on the bonded teeth as well. Try to cut off the inclusion of acidic and sugary beverages and foods in your diet at the same time.

By taking correct precautions you can make the bonding last for about 10 years. Moreover, you can have sparkling smile with boosted confidence to appear in public again.

Start your journey towards a dazzling smile today

Bonding is excellent in addressing minor cosmetic dental flaws and hiding them under composite resin material. You can schedule an appointment to consult with the dentists at Smile Works Dental to check if it is appropriate for your dental condition or not.