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How Much Do Emergency Dental Services Cost?

How Much Do Emergency Dental Services Cost?

When you suffer from extreme toothache, this may affect your overall quality of life in different ways. It is quite difficult to know about different dental procedures to perform during an emergency. You will find two ways to know whether you require emergency services. Feel free to get in touch with your dentist and know the date to visit the clinic according to the complexity of your problem.

Firstly, it is important to treat extreme mouth or tooth pain without delay. When you suffer from unbearable pain, you should contact your emergency dentist. Other dental problems might not be painful but could increase when you do not treat immediately.

Some dental procedures which are treated as emergencies include the following:

  • Cracked  or broken tooth
  • Loose tooth
  • Avulsed or knocked out tooth
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Missing crown
  • Damaged filling

You should visit a dentist immediately when suffering from any of these dental problems. He will give advice on how to manage the issue and offer necessary treatment to ease the pain.

Secondly, you need to know about the cost of dental emergency for performing the right treatment and solving your concern.

Cost of dental emergency treatments

It might be worrisome to choose emergency dental service when you do not have any insurance. You should not opt for any service without knowing the costs involved. Talk to a dentist about different payment options so that you can save money on necessary treatments. Some costs of common dental treatments during emergency include:

Dental crown

The dentist selects various materials to prepare crowns which include – porcelain or metal. This dental treatment is necessary when you have a broken, discolored tooth or large filling which is not working. Yet, a metal crown is a durable option used at your mouths back where it is not much visible. The crowns can cost somewhere between £200 to £500  for each of them. A porcelain crown is a more suitable option for your front, visible teeth and with newer stronger porcelain, it might be suitable for the back teeth too.  Porcelain crowns will cost from £650 and £800, on an average.

Filled cavity

The cavities need filling to protect teeth from any damage in future. Unlike dental crowns, the dentist uses some kinds of materials for protecting the teeth and restoring ability to chew food properly. There is a tooth-color filling or resin composite which costs somewhere around £60 – £100 though silver amalgam filling costs around  £7.71 to £19.84. You need to speak with your dentist about the right material for your cavity.

Tooth extraction

Serious infections or fractures need complete extraction. The dentist performs it for extreme cases only but it is chosen immediately to avoid further complications. You may expect somewhere between £50 and £370, when you need anesthesia from £251 during emergency extraction that is non-surgical.

Root canal

If the tooth root gets infected, you may opt for a root canal treatment than complete extraction. This procedure is extremely specialised and so, the price is very higher. However, it will prevent from losing one of your natural teeth. The most affordable cost of root canal is front tooth, which is between £1,350 – £1,550. On the other hand, molars might cost anywhere between £100 to £700.

Thus, when you suffer from severe tooth pain, you should contact an emergency dentist in London. He will help between saving and losing a tooth by performing the right treatment on time. There are effective and affordable emergency dental services which can help to restore your smile and relieve the pain. So, you need to look for emergency services and undergo the treatment from the dental experts