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How often should you maintenance your AC in a Year

How often should you maintenance your AC in a Year?

Having a home requires lots of maintenance like kitchen appliances, plumbing systems, and front lawn; all need regular attention. But what about your air conditioner? Do you know how its systems work and how often you schedule Ac maintenance?

It is perfectly alright if you don’t know because we will cover it in this article. Ac maintenance in Dubai or any other hotter region becomes crucial due to its intense heat, and not everyone can tolerate that hot and humid weather.

How often should you schedule Ac maintenance?

One of the biggest mistakes house owners make is waiting for something to go wrong and calling for help. You can be proactive rather than waiting for the problems to arise. You can schedule routine maintenance.

Ideally, it would be adequate to have your air conditioner serviced twice yearly, once in spring and fall, to ensure that its parts are in good shape, operating optimally, and being clean. It is functioning as optimally as possible.

In winter, HVAC technicians focus on the heater or furnace to ensure it is ready for the cold. In summer, HVAC technicians schedule tune-ups for Ac. To make sure it is prepared for heat and humidity.

It doesn’t mean you should leave your air conditioner to a technician, but you can also clean its filters by yourself and clean the unit. But when it comes to professional maintenance, two times a year will do the job.

Ac maintenance Contracts

Now many HVAC companies present maintenance contracts. This is a contract in which a customer agrees to pay a set cost in exchange for specialized assistance. They include twice-yearly maintenance and cheap rates on accessories and parts.

Ac maintenance in Dubai and other big cities can be complex because technicians are busy and prioritize contracted customers.

Regular Ac maintenance checkups

The core Ac maintenance contract is the regular Ac maintenance checkup. It includes twice-yearly inspection and tune-up of your Ac. It ensures that your Ac is running right and is adequately maintained.

Priority Service

Let’s suppose you live in Dubai, where the temperature is scorching and humid, and suddenly your air conditioner stops working; what will you do in that situation? If you had an Ac maintenance contract, you wouldn’t have to wait for your Ac specialist to show up and examine the problem.

Ac maintenance in Dubai can be an issue because all the technicians are busy, and without a maintenance contract, you will have a tough night. So when it comes time for services to these customers, it moves to the top of the list.

Discount on Accessories and Spare Parts

Air conditioner repairs are not the cheapest. Some repairs can cost up to thousands of dollars. For example, your compressor goes out, it is very costly to repair because you can’t run an Ac without a compressor.

It would be so handy if you had an Ac maintenance contract you would get a discount on all the spare parts and only have to pay for regular maintenance.