One of the most beautiful news with which they can surprise us is that someone from our environment marries. But once the joy of the moment passes, a thousand doubts will arise about the dress, the shoes, the bag, etc. that we must wear to live up to the circumstances and more, if it is a relative or close friend.

To avoid unnecessary pressure and dispel some doubts, here are some tips and considerations to take into account to choose your “perfect guest” look.

Here are the five steps for choose guest dress:


  • Step#1: assess the degree of closeness with the couple

The first thing that we will have to take into account is our degree of closeness or kinship with the bride and groom, since this will also mark our role and involvement during the big day.


It is not the same to look for a look for an “engagement” wedding where we probably want to go as unnoticed as possible and with a somewhat more limited budget, than when our brother is getting married or we are one of the bridesmaids.


Look sister bride wedding guest perfect

  • Step#2: our role during the day B.

Many times we “pressure ourselves” due to the role that corresponds to us in a wedding. And I am one of the people who believe that being the sister of the bride, godmother, witness, maid of honor or any relevant role, should not condition that our look has to be more or less exaggerated than that of the rest of the guests, yes it does not go with our personality or does not respect the style or wishes of the bride and groom. In this sense, I advise you to see my post about the 10 commandments of the sister of the bride or groom that I think will help you if you have an important role.


However, what we must take into account in case we feel like it is that being a “sister of or godmother” makes the protocol more flexible, but remember that it does not oblige. That is, the sisters of the groom or bride along with the godmother can go long for example. Take a look at these considerations that I left you in my Protocol post: rules for guests. I think it will help you identify the most appropriate style.

red dress wedding guest look


  • Step#3: take into account the type of celebration.

Another key element when choosing our outfit is to take into account the type of celebration, as I already detailed in this post. Knowing when and where it will be held, as well as the type of wedding will be very important.


The first thing is to know the date, since it will mark us in which season or guest collection to look at our look: if it is spring/summer, it usually comes out at the end of February and lasts until approximately September, but if it is an autumn/winter event, Collections will be available from October through March.


The second consideration to take into account is the time of the celebration, which will determine whether it is in the morning or in the afternoon. We will find out this thanks to the banquet: if it is lunch, it will always be in the morning (although I lasted until 5 in the morning) and if it is dinner, it will be at night. It will also condition us if it is a more informal and relaxed cocktail-type celebration, since this will condition our footwear, for example.


And finally, the type of event and place: if it is a celebration in a garden with a bohemian or rustic air, if it is a wedding with a more strict and classic etiquette in a mansion or if it will take place on a beach with a protocol more relaxed. We must take all this into account to start looking at our styling.

We will mostly find this information in the invitation or at least, it will give us many clues about it.

Perfect guest Paris wedding


  • Step#4: when to start looking at our look.

Once we know the date, time, place and type of celebration, it is time to decide when to look for our style. For me this is the most important step, because I believe that on many occasions the decision is made hastily.


I am aware that it is something that we love to do as soon as possible, but my recommendation is that you look, look and look, but do not make the final decision until a month or month and a half before the date of the event.


Why? Because there is nothing that makes me more angry than choosing the look and as the date approaches, finding the launch of new collections, which have arrived a little late. Or see him wearing the famous X and make me fall in love, even though I had previously seen him in the catalog and it didn’t catch my attention.

  • Step#5: be aware of our silhouette and not innovate excessively.

We have to be clear that in party fashion dress the same type of garments that we have detected in casual fashion will also favor us. In other words, if we see ourselves more favored with dresses with wide skirts, let’s look for a guest design with this same cut.


It is not the best time to innovate because we may feel somewhat disguised afterwards. I encourage you to try other silhouettes if you fancy something different, but always have a look at this type of design to bet on insurance in case you don’t find anything else that you like.