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How to Download a YouTube Thumbnail

How to Download a YouTube Thumbnail

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How to Download a YouTube Thumbnail

In this blog, you will get everything you need to know about downloading youtube thumbnails but you were afraid to ask. Youtubethumbnailsdownload brings all the details for you. Read this full blog.

Do you want to download any thumbnail from youtube?

First of all, what is Youtube Thumbnail?

The YouTube thumbnail is the video cover image that gives a preview of the video. These youtube thumbnails are of 2 types the 1st is automatically generated by youtube and the 2nd one is updated by the video owner. Thumbnails which is uploaded by the video owner is also called custom thumbnails.

The next question that comes to mind is how many types of youtube thumbnails are there?

Videos on YouTube can have up to nine thumbnails, but not all videos have nine thumbnails. There are seven guaranteed thumbnails:

  • Player Background 480×360
  • Start 120×90
  • Middle 120×90
  • End 120×90
  • High-Quality 480×360
  • Medium Quality 320×180
  • Normal Quality 120×90

Now we will tell you how to download any youtube thumbnail?

You can download any youtube or Vimeo video thumbnail in just basic 3 steps.

Here are the basic steps to download your video-thumbnails

  1. Go to Youtube or Vimeo website and Copy the URL link from the browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Paste the url in the input and click “Get YouTube Thumbnail” or “Get Vimeo Thumbnail.
  4. 5 different thumbnail options are available. Download the thumbnail size you want.

So if you follow these basic steps you can easily download any youtube or Vimeo Thumbnails.