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How to Handle Bad PR on Social Media

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How to Handle Bad PR on Social Media

Bad PR is not something any brand wants to do. We also know that social media can cause significant PR problems for brands. check now

How to deal with bad social media PR when it happens

Bad PR can range from an inept advertisement. A rogue executive caught doing what they shouldn’t be, to more severe incidents like those that endanger safety. Public perception is everything in a PR disaster. Social media allows the public to speculate quickly, which can help spread the PR oil quickly.

It’s easy to happen with 3.2 billion people online, 2.01 billion using Facebook, and 330 million using Twitter. Bad social media PR is a crucial issue. Let’s look at some of the best and worst.

Bad PR is not something you should do.

It is a good idea for PR professionals to understand the procedures before anything disastrous happens clearly. Bad PR can quickly spread and cause chaos, so it’s essential to have a plan. These are the things that you should do right now.

  1. Create a strong brand culture

Employees can cause PR disasters. Did you see the Mcdonald’s employee who decided to have some “fun” on the company’s Twitter account? Although the company denied the incident, it is not the first time a disgruntled employee has tried to undermine a brand. It is crucial to create a strong brand culture that treats your employees fairly. You want this to be a positive brand, but it’s also essential that you don’t allow negative stories about your company to spread online.

A company that mistreats its employees is asking for trouble. Be sure to build positive working relationships, teamwork, and loyalty.

  1. Prepare

It would help if you established an internal protocol to deal with bad press and who will handle negative social media posts. Who can and should not speak for the company? Who will post on your social media channels? Who will bring the team together to discuss the situation?

Miscommunications during PR crises are a significant problem for larger organizations. While your shareholders may be saying one thing, but your CEO is saying something else, and your employees don’t understand what’s happening, miscommunication during a PR crisis can cause significant problems for larger organizations.

It is essential to know where your social media accounts are located and how to log on quickly. You also need to know how to reach your PR agency or social media in an emergency. Your social media and PR team should be included in your plans. They will be the ones who execute them in the event of an emergency.

  1. The right social media team to hire

It is a difficult task to manage social media accounts after a PR disaster. Experts or teams are required. Your channels may explode depending on how grave your mistake was. You might get negative reviews, nasty comments on every thread, and many private messages, forums threads, tweets, and images.

This situation can be highly stressful. An inexperienced social media manager might be left floundering or even retaliating. To effectively manage a crisis, you need a calm and confident social media manager that can communicate with senior management.


Casey, a teenage girl from South Carolina, decided to visit Carolina Girls to buy a new wallet. Casey claims that a saleswoman saw her and said, “Shoplifter” to one colleague as she entered the shop. Casey is black. Carolina Girls responded publicly to a complaint by the girl’s mother, which was posted on Facebook and over 1,100 other social media shares.

Failure to fix

Although the above statement appeared to be a reasonable response, it was not enough to stop the brand’s additional actions. Carolina Girls deleted all negative comments from their Facebook page and censored them.


Do not delete any valid comments or complaints during a PR crisis. This will only escalate the situation. Give people the opportunity to vent and offer a thoughtful response. It is business suicide to close your Facebook page unless you shut down your company.

A bad PR crisis

It’s going to be bumpy! It’s hard work to operate at ground zero amid a PR disaster. You will need to support your social network team with excellent communication, coffee, and donuts. These are the top things to do when dealing with bad social media PR.

  1. Accept responsibility

Do not try to hide the negative PR. It will only make the situation worse. You have to admit it has happened.

You can reduce the spread of the story and make your brand more popular by taking swift action. You must quickly issue a press release and then post it on your channels to control the situation.

Be honest and accountable instead of spinning lies that will trap you later. You must apologize if your brand does something wrong and look into it to prove that you will take meaningful action.

  1. Be human

Your words during PR crises are crucial to how you are perceived. It is better to say “our team is so sorry to hear about this” than “a regrettable incident occurred.”

Refusing to speak up, refusing to give a face to your organization, and shunning public comments will only make your PR crisis worse. Your spokesperson should make a statement or upload a video to express how sorry they are if you deal with bad social media PR.

  1. Avoid knee-jerk reactions

Many companies, influencers, and brand representatives react quickly but regret later. It is easy to rush to make a statement on social media. You need to make sure your first communication after a crisis is thoughtful and authentic. Customers on social media should not be angry at each other.

Do you remember Amy’s Baking Company, Amy? It would help if you didn’t go there.

  1. Stop RSS feeds and scheduled postings

You should pause social media accounts that you have not scheduled in advance or based on RSS feeds from other sources. Nothing is worse than a poorly planned or insensitive post appearing in the middle of a crisis PR situation.

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It doesn’t matter if it was scheduled. Your social media followers will see it as your brand being insensitive and not caring about your responsibilities.