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How to Maintain Your Supercar?

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Buying a supercar seems fun and exciting until you have to deal with the super problems they come with. Suffice it to say, people often sell them off whenever they start showing issues that scream for repairs.

While it can be tough to maintain a supercar, it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s very much like taking care of a normal car except for a few added features that increase the difficulty of the task. For example, if your car has vertical doors, or is an electric hybrid, it will have different maintenance routines.

Although experts recommend having a dedicated auto shop that services your specific make and model. Apart from spare parts and car ac repair dubai auto shops offer, you will also need a dedicated and experienced mechanic. You can’t just hand in your precious ride to anyone with a wrench. Make sure that the mechanic you’re trusting your vehicle with is experienced enough to handle the works.

Other than this, follow these tips that can help you maintain your supercar:

Have a Stamped Service History

If you haven’t asked the previous owner for this, make sure you do it now. And if you have already obtained it from them, it’s important that you maintain it. A stamped history can have a significant impact on your vehicle’s value. Even if you don’t plan on selling it, the service history can prove vital in maintaining your car’s performance.

Most new cars can come with package deals that offer discounts on services, repairs and certain spare parts for a limited period of time or mileage. If you see any package available, consider getting it as it can also be financed.

Consider the Difference in Paint

Compared to other cars, supercars come with water-based paints. Although this is done for environmental reasons, ironically, the environment can have disastrous effects on water-based paints.

When you buy a new car, the dealership will offer you a ceramic coat as a paint protection add-on. Not only will it protect your car from bird droppings and lime, but it will also prevent iron filings in the air from causing irreparable damage. It’s vital to note that car wash brushes or hard cloths can also cause damage to this thin coating of paint.

Therefore, you can save yourself a lot of money long-term if you consider the damages you can prevent with a single ceramic coating.

Follow a Good Cleaning Strategy

Start with general scrubs using your hands to get the road grime off. With adequate pressure of water, this should be easy enough. As discussed above, luxury and supercars come with a thin coating of paint. That’s why you should work only with products that are dedicated to cars. Using off-the-kitchen-counter detergents will end up causing damage to the paint job. While applying these products, you should use a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

Similarly, make sure to wash the car where there is no direct sunlight. This will allow you to dry your car manually and avoid watermarks. Once you’re done with this, you should use wax to make sure that there is another reliable coating to prevent damage to the paint. This is also something you should apply using your hands to avoid marks and scratches.

The Engine and Performance

This is where you’ll need to consider going for professional services such as those provided by AutoPro. Not every auto repair shop can take your car and provide it with the maintenance and service that it needs. As we discussed above, you need someone who has hands-on experience with your car’s make and model to be working on it.

Every car comes with its own unique design, specification, features and maintenance protocols. You can’t hope to apply the same principle to every car. While the general idea might be similar, it is not a wise idea to open up the whole car if you don’t know how to piece it back together.

Once you find a reliable mechanic, have them thoroughly check the car. Some cars come with digital systems that can tell you a lot about what’s wrong with the car. Whereas, others will require the traditional lift up for a proper diagnosis.

All in all, your supercar is an investment that requires regular maintenance. Regardless of whether you do it on your own or go for professional service, it shouldn’t be put off or delayed for long. Any and all damages to your car will inevitably and significantly lower its value and the only way to save it is to take care of it.