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How to Make Your Account Attractive To Follow

How to Make Your Account Attractive To Follow

We’ve got your back we have created technology that identifies those who are most likely to interact in your posts. People who are interested in you those who are following similar accounts, or who are using the same hashtags. Followers Bucket has shared some amazing content for betterment of your Social presence.

There are many elements that make an account appealing. You can rest assured that we’re getting a lot of people looking at your account. Below are links to each of the major platforms that we work on. Here’s your recipe to success. Follow these steps to increase your performance!

Growth Recipes (Top Tips)


The most important thing to consider when writing a Bio is to squeeze the most relevant information feasible into the smallest space. It is important to examine the bio in the context of if were a potential customer and check if it is appealing. Here is an example of a great bio, and one that is not so good.

Make use of space and emojis in order to enhance your bio. It adds credibility and authenticity to your profile.

Make sure that your profile picture accurately represents the subject matter of your profile. If it’s about you personally, then you should have an attractive picture. If you’re an animal trainer, perhaps an image of you and your best dog can give you a better understanding on what people are talking about.


It’s crucial to ensure that it’s professional and authentic. One of the best ways to be certain your material is authentic is to be sure that the subject of the image

If you are posting on your stories make sure you’re not advertising too much. Your daily activities should provide people with an insight into your character. It should give an insider’s view of your personal or professional life.

Promoting the product


Promoting products is a huge negative for followers who are new. Be sure to ensure that less than one in nine posts is promoting a particular product or product or. Better to emphasize the benefits of the product in your posts, rather than making the product the focus.

Grow you Followers

Do something different that you can attract more new followers towards your brand. Buy Instagram followers from a trusted Supplier or grow them by adopting these tips and tricks. All you have to do is making a great fan following.


Have a look at the grid layout out, and ensure there isn’t a lot of clashing color or text when you look at your top posts. It is possible to be creative by making use of multiple posts to create an attractive grid. However, one thing to keep in mind is that each time you make a post, you take away the effort you put into create the grid that looks nice. Therefore, you must take note that it is possible that you might be required to post multiple times at the same time (or take posts off the grid) to keep it fresh!



Hashtags are an essential element of writing descriptions. In order to not clog the description, you can leave some white space. You can also make use of a period (.) to make some space between your description as well as hashtags. Use hashtags specific to your post in the text of the post! Use comments on the post’s top to include any additional hashtags you’d like to include. Tired of seeking these types of stuffs? Buy Instagram followers Malaysia Now!

Top comment Top Comment

This is a place where you can load account-specific hashtags. Hashtags that are specific to your post must be included in the description. However, any additional or broad hashtags should be included in the comments that are in the highest position. Here is an example of the proper use of hashtags in the top comment and post.


We’ve talked about stories before. It’s recommended to keep them as raw as they can and also entertaining. The goal is to provide an intimate look background of what the real world is as it is behind the polished and edited content on your feed.