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How to make your own neon signs Canada

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The neon sign is stylish and versatile. The brightly lit neon signs Canada make a bold statement at night with their distinctive designs.

This same principle can be used to create LED custom neon signs Canada. These signs are made of LED neon light flex lighting. They are as beautiful as regular neon signs. What’s the best part? The best thing? Follow these simple steps to create your own LED neon sign.

Curious? These are the essentials for creating an LED neon sign.

What is LED Custom Neon Sign Canada?

To make custom neon signs Canada, glass tubes are filled with inert gases like neon and halogen. When an electric current passes through these gases, they become illuminated.

Custom neon signs Canada are great but can also be expensive. Glass is easily broken and can cause them to be expensive and need a lot more maintenance.

Canadian LED custom neon signs eliminate design problems that traditional neon lighting presents. They are more affordable, flexible, and last longer than custom neon signs Canada. They provide constant lighting unlike inert gas which can be stronger in some parts than others.

What are the requirements for making an LED neon sign

You can easily shop for LED custom neon signs Canada DIY projects.

RGB neon flex lights  There is also RGBW. If you need a wider range of colors, the RGBW is an excellent choice.

Your signage will rest on a substrate or base. It could be wood, expanded vinyl or a wall.

Use wire cutters to trim the LED neon lights to the size of your sign

Conductor wire – Ideal thickness is 20 gauges.

A spool

A soldering iron

Hand-held drill


Designing the Sign

Flexible neon flex lights allow you to create your own sign. They can be cut to any length that you like. You might consider quotes from plant lovers to make your design stand out.

You can either draw your sign sketch directly onto the substrate, or you can use CAD and Illustrator to do so. The jacketed LED neon flex light is slightly thicker than regular lights so ensure that your letters are correctly spaced.

All lights must also be connected to a circuit to function. Each section must be connected with its neighbor. Use a cursive font if you are making a sign written.

Once you have everything you need, you can make your LED neon sign a reality. 

Draw your sign onto a surface

Sketch your sketch using the thread- This will allow you determine the length of the LED neon lights you’ll need.

The estimate can be used to determine the size of the LED neon light flexible lights. There will be markings on the strip to help you decide where to cut. The lights could be damaged if you make incorrect cuts.

To illuminate your sketch, you can use the LED neon light flex light. Every time you measure a shape or letter, make a cut.

Drill holes at the ends of each strip and where it connects with another.

Connect each section of LED neon light-flex lights to the conductor wire. Each time you cut, a wire edge was exposed in the light strip. Connect the wires together and solder them together.

Conceal the connection. When you are soldering an electrical connection, make sure to guide the soldering wire towards your substrate. Next, thread it back to the next letter/shape. The substrate/base will conceal the connections.

Add the LED neon flex lamp to

Plug and Play – After all sections are connected securely to the power supply, you can turn on the sign and enjoy.


The right LED flex neon lights can make great LED custom neon signs Canada. The best LED neon lights flex light suppliers will be your guide. Everything else will follow. Your signs will be envied by many.