You are currently viewing How to obtain post-study work visas in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand
How to obtain post-study work visas in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand

How to obtain post-study work visas in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand

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Closely associated with the question of studying abroad is knowing how it will benefit them in the future. It is important to be aware of all the opportunities you can avail yourself in the chosen country after graduation. Job-searching can become a lot less confusing when you have a plan from the beginning.

To make the decision easier for you we bring you a complete guide on post-study work visas. It covers the countries that are regarded as some of the best options for studying abroad. Read ahead to know how long you can stay, the required expense, and visa conditions.

  1. The United Kingdom

International students who have received their under- or post-graduate degrees in the UK can apply for a Graduate route visa. This allows them to extend their stay for another two years after acquiring a degree. They can start working or look for employment during that period. For doctoral students, the span for staying in the UK is three years.

Securing a job is not required for applying for a post-study work visa in the UK. Neither does the applicant need to meet a minimum salary requirement once employed. The process allows work flexibility and time to spend on job searching and training to develop new skills.

All stages of the application procedure will be conducted online for the majority of students. If you are successful in it then an eVisa will be issued to you. You will require a Biometric Residence Card or Permit that is granted with your student visa. EEA, EU, or Swiss residents can use their biometric passports for identity verification on the app.

  1. The United States

An international student with anF-1 visa can train practically during or after degree completion in the US.  The two types of training that are offered are:

  • CPT – Curricular practical training
  • OPT – Optional practical training

If you opt for CPT, then make sure to take it during your degree. While the opportunity for OPT stays available till 12 months after graduation. It should be relevant to your major and the field you have studied. The period for students with science, technology, and engineering degrees lasts up to 24 months. The international student office at your university can tell you about the application procedure if you are undertaking OPT.

  1. Canada

Studying in Canada is an unforgettable experience with its natural beauty and wilderness. The country offers international students a post-graduation work permit. This allows you to hold a job for up to 3 years in Canada if your course spans across 2 years. It will cost $255 Canadian for applying and the process will take around 94 days to complete.

In case your program is shorter then you can apply for a permit that is valid for that period. Be sure to remember that the work permit must be applied for before the expiration of your study permit. If you have covered 50% of the course in remote classes, you will still be eligible for the permit. But less than that will not be eligible. Students have 180 days after their degree completion to apply for the permit.

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  1. Australia

The Australian outback is another promising location to lead an ideal life. You can obtain a temporary graduate visa reserved for foreign students. It allows one to stay for academics, work, or travel for as long as 2-4 years. Similar to Canada, the period depends on the length of your study program.

The application cost is AUD$1,650 and applicants have to display proficiency in English. Health insurance is also required. The visa can be applied for online by creating a profile onImmiAccount. You will then need to provide several documents so be prepared for that.

  1. Germany

Students who have been studying in Germany can receive a residence permit lasting 18-months. This period can be availed to look for employment after graduating. There are no restrictions on what type of job they should get. The period will begin right after you are done with your final exam.

When you have secured a position, a German residence permit or EU Blue Card can be applied for. The benefit of the EU Blue Card is that you can work in other European countries too. The required documents consist of a passport, proof of study completion, health insurance, proof of a sound financial background.

  1. New Zealand

In the country of lush landscapes and scenic panoramas, studying and working in New Zealand is a dream. Depending on the course of your study program, you can stay up to 3 years in the country. The period will start after your degree completion, and you can do any job you want.

The allowances and rules vary depending on whether you are studying in Auckland or somewhere else. The application for the visa can only be sent once. Unless the applicant acquires a second higher qualification at a bachelor’s or higher level. Students need to make an account on the immigration website of New Zealand for applying and uploading required documents.


We hope this comprehensive guide will help you make the best decision for your future. Once you know the details it is much less complicated to pick an opportunity that suits your preference.

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