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How to Prepare Yourself for Content Writing Interview?

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            Content writing is becoming popular and popular with each passing day. Every new graduate is looking to adopt this career as the grass looks greener there. The job of content writing is very lucrative because of the earnings. To get this job, you have to pass a content writing interview. With increasing job applicants, it is becoming hard to crack this interview. The industries are now asking applicants very hard questions. Keeping this in view, you have to prepare yourself accordingly. You need to consider the current market trends and prepare based on those trends. Furthermore, today’s article will discuss all the tips and tricks required to prepare for a content writing interview. So, let’s start our discussion with the following question:

How can I introduce myself as a content writer?

            The first thing that interviewers usually ask is your introduction. They ask you to give a brief introduction of yourself along with your education. You should be able to introduce yourself clearly and concisely. Remember, the introduction is to familiarise yourself with the interviewer. It also serves another purpose: to make the interview environment a bit friendly. To introduce yourself effectively during a content writing interview with an assignment help service, you should work on the following five steps:

  • State your name and craft clearly while introducing yourself. For example, “my name is Shazab Ali, and I am a Research Analyst.” You can see my name and position. This is how you should introduce yourself.
  • Next up is to tell the interviewer what you write about and your intended audience. It will help analyse whether you are a perfect guy for them or not.
  • It is always good to consider how you hope to grow in your field. In simple, tell the interviewers about your future goals a bit. For example, “I write for XXX company and planning to launch my website.”
  • During the introduction, you should choke all the negative thoughts coming into your head. Thoughts are the feeder of mouth, and in a content writing interview, most applicants say what comes to their minds.
  • Be lively during the interview process and happily respond to every interviewer’s question.

What should I study for content writing?

            Content writing interview is a hard nut to crack. You have to study different things before appearing for the interview. The most important thing you should study is the frequently asked questions. You can find those questions on most of the websites. Studying the questions lets, you know what the interviewer wants to hear from you and what he wants to see in your CV or resume. Once you know this, you should study all the material related to those questions and prepare yourself accordingly. Some of the most important questions that you need to study before content writing interview are:

  • What are the integral components of good content in your view?
  • How do you decide on the tone of a certain content?
  • What is the difference between an article and a blog?
  • What are the ways to reduce boredom while doing content writing?
  • What are the things you enjoy most in content writing?

If you study these frequently asked questions in-depth, your preparation will be good enough to get a job. Thus, study the most asked questions on the internet and prepare yourself accordingly.

What are the techniques to pass my content writing interview?

            Passing a content writing interview is not an easy task. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into getting your dream job. Below are some of the techniques you can follow to pass your interview:

1.     Research about the company

Researching about the company before your visit for the interview is important. It allows you to have a deeper look into the company’s profile. There will be information about the ongoing and future projects of the company. You must have the know-how of those projects. Furthermore, you should explore the living culture of the company before your visit. Visiting the company’s website reveals its strength regarding employees and other things. So, it is always a better option to know as much as you can about the company before your interview.

2.     Prepare a strong portfolio

A strong portfolio is the first step towards success. Before appearing for a content writing interview, make sure your portfolio is healthy enough to stand out among other applicants. You should add all of your accomplishments and background knowledge about content writing. It is better to mention online courses you have taken to expand your skills.

3.     Show proper gesture

Interviews take notes of your gestures during the interview. You must show proper gestures while maintaining eye contact. Shaking hands while sitting on the chair and speaking clearly during the interview are the gestures that show that you are confident. Also, if you talk correctly and actively, your interviewer will know that you are here to get the job. So, a positive attitude and gesture will increase your chances of getting hired.

4.     Dress professionally

On the day of the content writing interview, your dress matters a lot. If you wear tank tops or casual clothes on the interview day, you will look unprofessional. Many interviewers around the world do not like this type of dressing. To make a positive impression on the interviewer, you should wear formal and professional clothes.

5.     Ready for the written test

It is not possible that you go for the job of content writing and return without taking a written test. Writing firms want to witness your writing skills. The interviewer may give a random topic and ask you to write some words on it. So, be ready for this kind of test. The interviewer can ask you to write on any topic. He can also ask you to write some words about your favourites. In either case, there is a set, and you have to take it.


            Content writing interview becomes challenging when you do not know how to prepare for them. The above preparation guidelines can prove to be very helpful. You should take them into account and prepare accordingly.