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How to Protect Content Creator Team with Android Monitoring Software

How to Protect Content Creator Team with Android Monitoring Software

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New era, new demands, new setups, and new challenges which need to be tackled, and conquered. Businesses today are not confined to the real world, it spreads greatly into the digital world. With the blast of social media, a whole crop of influencers came into being, a field no one ever thought of. Brands and companies now don’t just use celebrities for their campaigns, they now like to work with the Insta stars who have more following and influence on generation than a celebrity does. We are a PR firm handling many projects at a time, dealing with numerous clients who hire us as a bridge between content creators and them. There are many artists and creators who we managed and promote their work on different mediums.


As the saying goes, everything good comes with bad also. Social media platforms are a great tool to promote the work of your artist but are also subjected to high pressure and criticism. We encounter many instances where our creator is subjected to severe cyberbullying, which affects their mental state and the output they produce. One such incident shook us, a team member of our started showing tense behaviour at work, she was coming late and acting paranoid all the time. Many times she will not reply to messages, pick up our calls, and meet the deadlines for work. Her projects were lacking the lustre she once used to present. Upon investigation, we came to find, many people on the internet are threatening her for her work, she was blamed for plagiarized work. People were going out of line and started giving her death threats to her and her family and using abusive language on her accounts.


As a firm, we must protect our team from all sorts of harassment, bullying, negative comments, and threats they receive daily. For this purpose, we started using the most recommended android monitoring software that our peers used which is Ogy Mogy. We heard great reviews about this app and after using it in our firm we can say it stands for its reputation. We installed the Ogy Mogy app on every employee desktop and firm-owned device since most of the work is being done on the company’s devices. We started monitoring the threats our team members were facing and successfully gather all the records in form of messages, call logs, and pictures sent by her stalker and file the complaint to the police department.


There are many features of this software which are discussed below:

Record of Call:

We receive tonnes of calls daily, one can not keep track of each call. The Ogy Mogy makes it easy for us, all the call logs are saved even if someone deletes the record, it has been saved in software for future use. If any employee tries to leak any information to the press about the new launch, we can track that.

Conversation Storage:

The firm prefers to use a single group for all conversations, but in many cases, some senior team members pressurize the newcomers to do their work as well in form of private messages. This type of internal politics and bullying is not allowed in our firm. Now, when everyone is aware of us using the spy software, the rate of complaints has gone down.

Activity Monitoring:

Since most of the time, we deal with online platforms and manage social meetups, live sessions, it is very easy to get distracted and lag behind the work. To keep the content-creating team in check and increase their performance, we used the activity monitoring feature, if someone spends too much time surfing, a warning is issued which is helping them to be on track.

Online Media Portal:

During a launch all the pictures, videos, mood boards, idea themes, and campaign material is required, most of the time it is scattered around many devices and difficult to get one by one for approval. The Ogy Mogy has a great advantage, it saves all the material in a web portal, which you can access anytime anywhere, and makes it easy to devise the final plan.

The use of android monitoring software the TheOneSpy has made things so much easy to handle for us. All you need to do is install the app on the company-owned devices of the employees and you are good to go.