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How to Recover Bitcoin from a Scammer in 2022

How to Recover Bitcoin from a Scammer in 2022

The rapidly changing nature of the cryptocurrency market today and the type of impact it will have on the future of business elicit a lot of similar feelings. As individual investors, speculators, and other institutional investors shift their focus to the lucrative cryptocurrency markets, scammers and cheats turn their attention to them.

Scammers frequently use dating websites to deceive naive victims into thinking they are in a genuine long-term relationship. When confidence is established, discussions frequently shift to lucrative cryptocurrency opportunities and the ultimate transfer of money or account authentication keys.

Around 20% of the money reported missing in romance scams was in cryptocurrency.

I Was A Victim of A Crypto Scam That Started Trough a Dating App

I was struggling with a break-up when I found myself looking for companionship online. I joined a dating app in 2020, where I started speaking to a woman named Tony, who said she was in her late 30s and lived in Hong Kong.

She presented herself as a seasoned investor with insider knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. She talked about the future, her plans to relocate to the United Kingdom, and how we could work together to create a prosperous living.

After talking for two days, tony asked me if I knew anything about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). I told her I had put money into it a few years ago, but I didn’t think she’d mention it because it was “safe,” and she was “far away.” I was directed to an online trading platform and was instructed by tony to download the app to my phone.

Little did I know she had access to my account as that application was built by her scam team. Months after heavy investment, one-day tony blocked me on all social media sites. To my surprise, my crypto app was also emptied. I panicked and started searching for fund recovery firms as they were my only help. 

How Chargebacking Helped me Get My Money Back! 

I came across a firm called charge backing, which employs the best team with updated software to help recover funds stolen. I contacted them and provided them with all the proof I could.

I took full confidence in the firm as I knew they were the only ones who could professionally recover my funds. After completing their paperwork, they traced my IP address, tony, and after the confrontation, my funds were transferred to me. 

  • If you don’t understand how a virtual currency or crypto works, don’t invest in it, and don’t bet on cryptocurrencies with money you can’t afford to lose. 
  • Do not buy in or trade cryptocurrencies based on the advice of someone with whom you have only talked via the internet. 
  • Don’t be deceived by social media posts promising free cryptocurrencies.
  • Keep your “private keys,” which let you access your virtual cash, in a safe place and don’t share them with anyone (preferably offline, where they cannot be hacked)

If you ever encounter a situation in which you believe you are being scammed, reach out to the Chargebacking team – their efficiency is just mind-boggling!