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How to remove stains from car seats

Seats can be stained during the life of the car. In this article we will see how to clean and stain them easily, even with DIY.

The seat covers

When we buy a car we immediately notice the interior. The seats are a fundamental aspect both for their aesthetic conformation and for the quality of the fabrics. Very often they are made excellently and using seat covers seems a bit of an offense to their beauty. The seat covers, then, are hardly customized on the single model, however, if our car is very well sold, it is possible to find suitable seat covers online.

However, it should be remembered that the beauty of an original seat made 100% by the car manufacturer is certainly undoubted. Therefore the seat covers can be, according to taste, a makeshift, but not a permanent and definitive solution.

When we get on board the car we also want to be able to fully benefit from every single component we have purchased. The seat covers, let’s not forget, and protect the seats from excessive consumption in fact time.

The seat covers, as well as the seats, finally contain all those negative characteristics of the fabrics, such as the presence of mites or dust.

The care of the seats

Beyond the presence of seat covers or not, the correct maintenance of the car also passes from the interior. On board a car you eat, drink and smoke. You live real days inside your car, if you add up all the hours spent on board during a year.

In an almost “normal” way, that is to say, the seats are subject to wear and tear in terms of cleanliness. In other words, it is normal for a seat to get dirty, especially if used frequently.

Here is how it is necessary to clean them carefully and often. We try not to clean only once a year, as it would take too long to be able to define the best result.

The first aid: the vacuum cleaner

The first aspect that we must consider is obviously the use of a vacuum cleaner. We can use both what we have at home and that of the car wash. Normally car wash stations have very powerful vacuum cleaners, however, if we have our own good quality vacuum cleaner we can safely use it.

There are also portable vacuum cleaners available which can be purchased and plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter socket. The purpose of the vacuum cleaner is obviously to collect the main dirt.

We can then remove the mats and clean them precisely by removing all the pebbles that may be present on the car. After having carried out a good cleaning in all corners of the car, we can move on to the second step.

The use of the brush

Often simply using a vacuum cleaner is not enough. Before using the vacuum cleaner it is always recommended to use a brush in order to bring out all the micro dirt. We use a brush that is pretty sturdy, but not too aggressive towards the fabrics. In this way we will be able to bring out small crumbs or pebbles.

The removal and suction of this dirt will therefore be more effective and easier. This discourse must be applied both to the upholstery of the car and also to the mats that we have previously removed.

We also remind you to also clean under the driver’s and passenger seats, in order to be able to carry out a total cleaning of the car. If the rear seats of the car can be folded, we also proceed with a careful cleaning of the trunk and the rear area of ​​the car.

Cleaning products

Once all the suction of the “bulk” has been carried out, we proceed with the specific cleaning of the fabrics. The advice is to go to an automotive center in order to purchase a specific product.

The offer is really wide and you are spoiled for choice. The advice is to buy products that are in line with the type of fabric we have in the car.

If the seats are in leather, we clearly buy products dedicated to leather. If, on the other hand, we have fabrics such as alcantara or simple fabric, we turn to products for these types of materials.

Calmly clean

The main advice is clearly not to be in a hurry and to carry out the work with extreme care. If you only have a few minutes, the suggestion is to take the car to a professional cleaner. Otherwise we try to carve out a small space of time within the weekend to carry out a deep and meticulous cleaning.

Do-it-yourself for cleaning the seats

After cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and brush, we can use other simple DIY tools such as microfiber cloths or a basin containing hot water and liquid dish detergent. To this mixture must be added two small teaspoons of baking soda which has an excellent degreasing power.

Using the prepared liquid, in combination with a brush, we will be able to clean our fabrics very well, obtaining a sanitized surface.

So let’s remember to always have a damp brush and not too wet in order to allow the fabric to clean itself without absorbing too much the product. The risk is to have wet areas that require a very long drying period.

We always start from a small portion of fabric to understand how necessary it is to use the brush and the water and bicarbonate solution. This procedure must be carried out in a very airy area in order to allow quick drying. If we obviously have a hair dryer, the result will be optimal in less time.

Sanitize the car

At the end of all this cleaning process, we can move on to the sanitation phase. As we all know, the car is a wet and perfect hiding place for mites. There are many products on the market that allow you to disinfect and sanitize our car.

We can also find them in the main online stores and they are very simple to use. Simply open these sprays and run them simultaneously with a recirculation of the conditioned air. In this way the gas contained in the packages will come out and the recirculating conditioned air will carry out the disinfection autonomously.