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How to Setup Wire-Free Arlo Camera System and Solve Arlo Device Issues

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Arlo Camera is a well-known brand for smart security cameras. But it can be difficult for some users to Setup Arlo Camera. Users can feel free to contact us for any issues related to the Arlo camera. We deliver the best solution to all your Arlo camera-related problems like Arlo Camera Offline, Arlo Login Issue, etc… The Arlo camera is a 100 percent wireless camera and very easy to install and use anywhere you want. You just need to follow some simple steps to Arlo Setup. In this post, we will discuss how to Setup Arlo Camera. So, let’s get started:

Before starting the Arlo Setup process, make sure that:

You have a secure internet connection with high-speed WiFi and a minimum of 1 Mbps upload speed

The device which you are using to access the Arlo app should be connected to the same network that you want to connect with the Arlo camera.

Arlo Base Station should be placed within 300 feet of the Arlo cameras so it can get signals from the camera.

Take out all accessories from the box which came with your Arlo security System and also check for battery status.

Steps for Arlo Setup

Step1:    First of all you have to download the Arlo app and install it.

Step2:   After downloading the Arlo App, create a new account on Arlo or you can also log in with Arlo’s existing account.

Step3:    Place your base station in a good place where you get a good internet connection.

Step4:    Now, sync your camera to the base station.

Step5:    Your camera is now set up and ready to use.

Causes and Troubleshooting for Arlo Login Issue

Some of the causes due to which you may face Arlo Login Issue are:

Entered the wrong username or password for your Arlo account.

Arlo account is not activated or not created properly.

Problem with your internet connection.

Outdated version of the Arlo app.

Here’s a list of troubleshooting tips to help you solve Arlo Login Issue:

Update your web browser.

Enable JavaScript and cookies on your web browser.

Use a different web browser or device to log into Arlo.

Clear the cache and cookies of your web browser.

Restart your router or modem.

Restart your Arlo camera.

Reasons and Troubleshooting for Arlo Camera Offline

Here are some possible reasons why users get Arlo Camera Offline issue:

Starting with Arlo Base Station not connected to a router:

If your base station is not connected to the router correctly then you might face this issue message on your screen. In this case, try to restart your base station and connect it again to your router. You can also reset your router and then reconnect it with the Internet service provider.

The next reason is wrong camera placement: If you have placed your cameras at the wrong place then they might not get enough signals from the base station. In this case, move your cameras closer to the base station and make sure that they are within the range of each other.

Another possible reason is signal interference caused by other wireless devices: Suppose that if there are electronic items like cordless phones, microwaves, and wireless baby monitors near your security system then they might cause signal interference in your Arlo camera system. 

Arlo Camera Offline can be fixed in a few steps. Here’s how to do it:

Make sure that the cameras and base station are properly plugged into a power outlet.

Confirm that your smartphone and cameras are connected to the same network.

Restart your camera and base station to fix Arlo pro offline issue.

Charge the battery of your Arlo camera if you have a battery-powered model.

The Arlo offline issue can also occur due to problems with your router or internet connection. Check if your router is working fine and is connected to the internet. 

Arlo Camera Not Connecting to WiFi Troubleshooting:

Arlo camera not connecting to WiFi is one of the most common issues which occur with Arlo. Here we will discuss some possible solutions that you can apply to solve the Arlo camera not connecting to WiFi issue.

First, make sure that your Arlo camera is in the default mode. If it is not in default mode, then in that case you need to factory reset it.

Make sure that your Arlo camera is within the range of your WiFi router. If the distance between your router and your Arlo camera is more than 2 meters, then in that case you might face this issue.

Make sure that there are no obstacles between your router and camera. It should be placed in an open area so that there are no obstructions between the two devices.

If you have changed the IP address of your Arlo camera then in that case also you might face this issue. So, if you have changed it then try changing it back to default settings.

You can also try restarting your Arlo camera and your router as well as it may fix this issue.

Why your Arlo Camera is Not Recording anything?

There can be several reasons why your Arlo camera is not recording videos. Here we have discussed some common reasons for this issue:

Arlo Base station is offline: If the base station of your Arlo camera is offline or not working correctly, then your Arlo camera will face problems like not recording videos.

Battery issues: If your battery is not working properly and it’s low, then it will affect the recording process of the camera.

Low Storage alert: When your storage capacity is full, then you will receive a low storage alert on the screen and you will not be able to record more videos on it. So, if you want to record more videos on it, then you need to delete some of the files from it.

If your Arlo camera is not recording, you need to do the following steps:

Check your Arlo camera’s battery.

Check your Arlo camera’s SD card.

Reset your Arlo camera.

Replace your Arlo camera’s battery.


I hope this post will be very useful for you to solve your issues on how to Setup Arlo Camera, How to solve the Arlo login issue and many more issues regarding your Arlo device. If you are getting any issues while using any step to fix these issues, then you can take aid from the certified expert’s team.