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How to Write a Perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae)

How to Write a Perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Are you looking for a proper guideline to write your CV and get your dream job? Are you wondering about how to write a perfect CV?

A curriculum vita plays a crucial role in getting you closer to your dream job.  Your CV should be perfect enough to convince the recruiter that you are a good fit for the job you are applying for. Even a single mistake can take you miles away from the opportunity you are dreaming to grasp. So, you need to be very careful when writing your CV.

If you are thinking about how to write a perfect CV, then reading this article will help you a lot. Certain things must be mentioned in your CV, while some things should never be done while writing a CV. This article will guide you on how to write a perfect CV.

Select the most suitable format

To start writing a CV, the first and foremost step is to select the most suitable format. Don’t just pick a format blindly from the internet. Instead, do research and find out which format is best suited to your qualifications, experience, and skills.  For instance:

  • If you are an experienced professional in the field you are applying to, then you should choose the reverse-chronological CV format as it mentions your experience first and then comes to skills and qualifications.
  • If you are a fresher having no experience but a multitude of skills, you should go with the functional CV format as it starts with your skills and thus convinces the reader that you are a good fit.

Similarly, many formats are designed for different individuals. All you need to do is to select the one that suits you the most as the format will provide you with the basic framework of your CV.

Write an appropriate length  

What is the perfect length for a CV? This question arises most in mind when you sit to write your CV. Here you go with the answer.

Your CV should not be longer than two pages. One-page length is enough. However, sometimes you mess up fitting all your achievements into one page. Therefore, a CV that is one to two pages long will be more than enough.

Moreover, if you feel it difficult to cut your CV shorty, then you should read your CV again. Keep that points that are relevant to the job and discard the rest of them.

Write suitable title

Don’t waste the space in your CV by adding extra information in the title. Simply add your name in the title and write the profession you are applying for.

Add contact information

Add your email address, phone number, and address to the contact information of your CV. Don’t add irrelevant information like the photograph, date of birth, etc. Your CV space is precious and dost waste it with irrelevant information.

Write a concise profile

Your profile should reflect a bit of your experience coupled with your achievements and career goals. Convincingly write your profile as these few lines will convince the reader to read your CV further.

Mention your qualification

Make sure to mention all your academic career in reverse order. Start with the most recent one. Mention dates and grades you have achieved.   

Add relevant work experience

Start with the most recent work experience. Mention the name of the company, your designation, and the key responsibilities and tasks you performed. Try to mention your quantitative achievements to impress the recruiter. If you want your CV to be perfectly tailored to the job, then make sure to add only the relevant experience. Don’t let irrelevant experience occupy the valuable space of your CV.

Add your skills and achievements

This is the portion where you can come up with your capabilities and convince the recruiter to hire you. However, keep this portion realistic and do not exaggerate your skills. Only write what you possess and what you can do. Bragging too much about your skills may land you in an interview, but you will not be able to justify in the interview what you have claimed in your CV.

Add relevant hobbies and interests (if any)

If you have a relevant hobby, then mention it. Otherwise, skip this portion. The recruiter has nothing to do if you have an interest in gardening or reading. The hiring manager is going through your CV to find out why he should hire you. so if you have your hobbies or interests aligning with the job requirements, you are encouraged to mention them. If not, then this portion is mandatory, and you can skip it.

Keep your CV visually pleasant

Whatever is your CV format, keep the font size readable. Don’t make it too small so that reader may give up reading it. Also, bold the headings and mention all your stuff in an eye-catchy and visually appealing manner. You can use bullet points where possible.

Wisely cover your career gaps

If you have any career gaps, cover them properly by mentioning some courses that you did in the gaps. Never give the employer a hint to predict that you remained idle for a year or more. 

Still, if you find yourself unable to write a perfect CV, you can seek help from top cv writers in Dubai.

Seems like you are now ready to write your perfect CV. Follow these guidelines and be ready to land in an interview. Best of luck!

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