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Image Skincare announces a program expansion

Image Skincare announces a program expansion

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With a range of new events and immersive experiences planned over the next few months, Image Skincare, the clean, clinical skincare brand beloved by professionals and enthusiasts alike, announced today that members of the brand’s community will have the opportunity to experience the brand’s expertise and expand their knowledge of skincare.

IMAGE Skincare co-founder and CEO Janna Ronert believes a new era in the beauty industry has begun. It shocked and saddened our team to see so many of our well-loved professionals’ businesses uprooted as well as so many of our users’ skincare routines needing to be completely revamped. We immediately asked, ‘What can we do to ensure the best service for them?’.

In addition to this, our priorities for 2022 will be support and empowerment. This year, as a way of expressing our appreciation for you and our commitment to you, we have developed an entirely new calendar of programs for our professional clients and for our direct consumers. Throughout the coming months, we’ll be providing even more comprehensive education and resources that will empower consumers and beauty professionals to become more knowledgeable both about their own skin as well as the skin of their clients,” said Ronert.

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In Image’s programming, you will find the following:

  • The entire world is invited to an online launch party

For more than ten years, IMAGE Skincare has been hosting Worldwide Launch Parties around the world. At this launch event, the biggest event of the year for professionals, they can celebrate, learn, and launch innovative new products. From Singapore to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, the company usually throws their in-person parties around the world. A virtual celebration of the launch of three of IMAGE Skincare’s newest products were hosted this quarter in an attempt to introduce its new products to the world early and exclusively. The new products include the ILUMA intensif facial illuminator, the ILUMA intensif brightening exfoliator, and the VITAL C hydrating facial mist. The products in this collection are all expertly formulated to deliver the benefits of brightness, even skin tone, and a radiant glow to the skin. Additionally, skin care professionals attending the event were able to receive a wide range of discounts during the event.

  • Partnering with Celebrity Estheticians to Create a Master Class

Candice Miele is a celebrity esthetician who offers flawless complexions to celebrities and models alike. The IMAGE Skincare brand hosted an exclusive Master Class on February 4, 2018 where Miele and Ronert demonstrated the newest products from IMAGE Skincare as well as how to apply them for glowing, radiant skin.

  • D2C at its best

In addition to providing exclusive access to the brand, “Vanderpump Rules” star and celebrity mixologist Tom Sandoval co-hosted the company’s direct-to-consumer launch on March 3. In addition, Sandoval demonstrated how to make cocktails with ingredients with antioxidants and skin-loving properties.

The Imagine Skincare line:

With IMAGE Skincare, you get clinically effective skincare that is formulated with proven ingredients. In pioneering clean clinical skincare, we created formulas that are naturally effective and deliver results. We create products that are physician formulated, tested, and tried by a team of professionals to help you feel your most confident about your skin.